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Homewood Leadership

Homewood Leadership consists of a three-tier group -- Steering Committee, Leadership Council, and Activity Leaders.

The Steering Committee is made up of five couples who have been in Homewood for a minimum of three years.  Their purpose is to:

  • Act as gatekeeper for the Homewood mission, goals, policies and guidelines
  • Carefully review and approve new policy
  • Recruit, confirm, encourage, and support HCA Leadership Council
  • Convene as a board of final authority in conflict resolution


The Leadership Council consists of the Activities Director, Membership Coordinator, Website Administrator, and Treasurer.  Their purpose is to:

  • Put in place and administer an annual plan to fulfill the Mission of Homewood Christian Association
  • Oversee assigned Homewood activities
  • Communicate, as necessary, by email regarding activities and events within Homewood
  • Review membership applications for new members
  • Meet periodically to review status of Homewood to ensure it is operating within the Statement of Faith and Policies of Homewood


Activity Leaders are Homewood members who volunteer to serve by leading an activity or group.  Their responsibilities include:

  • Lead the assigned activity for Homewood
  • Ensure that Homewood policies and guidelines are followed in carrying out the activity
  • If applicable, monitor expenses against the assigned Homewood budget for the activity
  • Consult with Homewood Leadership Council as necessary throughout the year