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Welcome to Oswego County LEAH!

Oswego County LEAH was founded in 1997 as a co-operative effort on the part of a few home educating families who realized that by working together and sharing the load, they could all benefit tremendously!  We are currently serving over 50 families from all over the greater Oswego County area and beyond!

Oswego County LEAH provides a wide variety of opportunities to interact with other families who, like you, are striving to follow the Lord's direction in the home education of their children.  Some are just starting to homeschool, others are seasoned veterans; all are an important part of this community.

When your family becomes a part of Oswego County LEAH, you will have an immediate "connection" with other like-minded, uniquely-gifted homeschooling families.  You can tap into the experienced, talented, and willing pool of individuals within the LEAH network, where everyone's strengths and giftings are shared in order to enhance the home education process for all involved.  United in Christ, we form that strong "support system" everyone needs to succeed in homeschooling!


Oswego County LEAH membership is open to all homeschooling families. Prospective members should understand the Christian orientation of this group. All applications for membership must be approved by Oswego County LEAH Leadership.

Is Oswego County LEAH right for you? Prior to requesting membership, please read the information under the "About Us" tab found above including our Vision, Purpose, and Mission, Statement of Christian Faith, and Code of Conduct. When requesting membership to Oswego County LEAH, prospective members will affirm their agreement to respect and honor these documents. 

Complete this Membership Request Form. 

An annual family membership fee of $45 is used to cover the costs of organizing and operating Oswego County LEAH. This membership fee does not cover costs associated with co-op, field trips, activities, or special events. 

Membership in Oswego County LEAH does not guarantee participation in the Wednesday Cooperative Learning Program (Co-op). 

Already a member of another NYS LEAH chapter? Ask us about dual membership with Oswego County LEAH as your secondary chapter-- just $15 if your NYS LEAH dues with your primary chapter are up to date. Please be advised chapter membership requirements may vary. 

New to homeschooling? Need a little direction? Come to a monthly group meeting to get support and learn more!

For more info, please contact us at Oswego County LEAH.


Co-op is short for cooperation. Cooperation means to work together toward a common goal and purpose. Our common goal and purpose for the Oswego County LEAH Cooperative learning program is to provide educational classes and social interaction for our children in a safe and loving environment. This gives the caregivers an opportunity to fellowhsip and get to know eachother on a deeper level as well. If we work together and we each do our part, it will benefit the Co-op as a whole.  

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