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Oswego County LEAH membership is available to all homeschooling families.  Members should understand the Christian orientation of the group.  Please read the information under the "About Us" tab found above including our Vision, Purpose, MissionStatement of Christian Faith, and Code of Conduct. When requesting membership to Oswego County LEAH, prospective members will affirm their agreement to respect and honor these documents.  

Annual Membership to Homeschool NY / LEAH is due annually through the new state portal.  Chapter Dues and Co-op Dues are collected separately. 

To become a member of LEAH, click on this link for the new Membership sign up page:


2. Review the info at the top of the page, and then scroll down to the Region that your chapter is located in (We are in the Syracuse/Central New York Region). Then click on the blue Sign Up button.
3. Now you are on the page where you will enter your family’s information. This should be filled out for the parent who is the one who will be the primary contact with your chapter and with Homeschool New York / NYS LEAH. (You can enter the other parent later on)
4. The initial questions are pretty straight forward.
5. Check “HSLDA Member” if you current are a member.
6. Check “Special Needs” if you currently are in PICC
7. Select your school district
8. For Account Type, select Parent
9. Create a Username. This can be your email address, or something else that you will remember.
10. Enter your email address – this is the address you want Homeschool New York / NYS LEAH to send communications to
11. Set up a password
12. If you are going to pay via credit card, leave that option selected. If you want to pay via check or cash through your chapter leader, select “Offline Payment”
13. Adding children: This is for insurance purposes. Please click on Add Child, and enter their first name, last name, and birth date. We will keep this information confidential, we only need to provide a summary to our insurer of how many children are in different age brackets. So we don’t need the exact birth date, just the month and year, and you can put whatever day of the month you want.
14. “Are you part of any group?” Select “Yes”, and then pick your chapter. If you are a member of more than one chapter, pick your Primary chapter, the one that provided you with this information to register with.  Our chapter is Oswego County LEAH. 
15. Then click “Sign Up”

If you are already a member of NYS LEAH with a different primary chapter, you will just need to pay your OCL Chapter Dues at this time.  Once received, your website access to the Members Only Facebook Page, the Portal and the OCL member website will be approved.

Once you have paid your chapter dues, you will be sent an email approving your access to the website. 

Contact us at oswegocountyleah@yahoo.com  if you have any questions or to receive information on Oswego County LEAH membership.

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