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Co-op Ministry

SHINE Co-op Classes

Co-op will be available for those who are members of SHINE.

*Please click on Request Membership to join the group and participate in co-op!*


  • Registration for SHINE co-op is held in August and January for members with website access.
  • Interested parents should begin the membership process and obtain website access during open membership times before co-op registration begins.
  • We offer two 9-week semesters each year which start in September and January, and are held on Fridays. 
  • Co-op fees are separate from membership fees.  Members who do not participate in co-op do not pay co-op related fees.
  • You do not have to participate in co-op if you are a member, but you must be a SHINE member to participate. 


Our co-op offers a variety of class selections that vary each semester depending on what our parents/guardians volunteer to lead. 

We offer mostly enrichment classes with some core curriculum choices.  Classes are the same theme for the entire semester. 

Among them are:

  • Music
  • Drama
  • Art
  • Science
  • Religion
  • Crafts
  • History

We meet in Universal City, TX, and our co-op days have three class hours, plus an assembly/announcements time before we dismiss to class.  Members who participate should arrive by 8:30 AM.  Co-op ends at 12:10 PM.  Below is an overview of how our co-op works. 


The purpose of our classes is to enrich our students by giving them the opportunity to learn to take direction from other adults, socialize, and work with others in a classroom setting.  This is accomplished by parents whose children are enrolled in co-op classes as this is a volunteer based ministry, like all the other SHINE ministries. 

  • Parents are expected to teach a class after their first semester in order to participate.  There are a few exceptions in which volunteers may not have to teach due to other, more involved, volunteer positions within the group. If you choose not to teach a class then we ask that you offer assistance in other classes all three hours.  Parents that teach a class will get a "sub" hour.  
  • In addition to fees for classes (they vary depending on the class, and a few are free), there is an administrative fee per family that is charged once each semester.  This fee is the same for all families regardless of how many children will participate in co-op.  This is separate from the membership fee for SHINE.  
  • Since classes vary from semester to semester, most members teach core subjects to their children at home.  However we tend to have science classes for 3rd grade and up almost every semester.  Labs for Biology and chemistry have also been taught in the past to high school students. 
  • In addition we offer a Preschool A class for children 16 mos. – under 3 yrs., a Preschool B class for children 3 – 5 years not doing kinder curriculum, and a Kindergarten class for our 5 year olds.  These “classes” run all three hours.
  • New members, and those who teach get a "sub" hour.  This is your free time during co-op and is scheduled in any one of the 3 class hours during co-op.  During this time, you may be asked to sub for another parent who is out that week.  Otherwise, you may sit in the teacher's lounge, church foyer, or find a quiet corner of the building.  All parents must stay on the premises during co-op. 

All co-op registration is done on-line.  If you feel this arrangement would work for your family, please feel free to click on request membership. 



If you have any questions feel free to contact the Co-op Director at info.shinehomeschool@gmail.com  Attn: Co-op Director.

Drama Class at Co-op!  Scripts from Drama Notebook.