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We are now accepting SHINE year which goes from June 1, 2023 to May 31, 2024.   


Welcome! In order to be considered for membership in the SHINE Homeschool Group, you must fill in all requested information (even those labeled non-required), fill in the additional forms online and submit payment in full for the membership fee [this can be done online (preferred) or mailed in].

To read over more info about our group before filling out the registration information, please click on "Terms of Service" (in blue) below to read details from our policies and procedures.

Please read through all the information carefully and follow all the instructions as listed to ensure your information will reach us and that your family can be considered for membership in our group. All information submitted and forms filled out are confidential, so please share freely when answering questions throughout the application.

We look forward to getting to know you and would be happy to answer any questions you have prior to or during this process. You can email the Membership Director with questions at:



Thank you!


Please make sure to check your spam/bulk folders for the automatic email that will come to you. If you don't receive an email after filling in the registration page, please contact the Membership Director.

Please add this email address to you email address book to ensure you can receive our emails: lifeline@homeschool-life.com

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Please fill in the answers to all these questions completely to help us get to know your family better. The Membership Director may follow up with you via email or phone during the process of reviewing your membership application.

We ask that you please be honest in answering all questions. Lack of disclosure will result in immediate termination of membership without refund of membership fees.  All information submitted is confidential. Thank you!