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General WAHE Planning Guide

WAHE events are sustained through our members volunteering to plan and organize events for the group. Thank you for the time and energy you put in to organizing events for our membership!

WAHE Events vs WAHE Events +

WAHE Events are sponsored, planned and supported exclusively by WAHE members. While the event may be held in a public place, the program will be tailored to WAHE members.

Should a member of WAHE choose to plan an event and simultaneously run the event with members from a group other than WAHE, it must be advertised as a WAHE Event + on the website and forum.

Important Things to Note when Planning a WAHE Event

If you are willing to head it up, it is entirely up to you as to how you want to run it! In the planning guide folder on the website you will find suggestions of how an event was run in the past, but you are welcome to change it to fit your liking!

The calendar that is distributed at the Annual Planning Meeting is a tentative calendar. Things may be added, dropped or changed. WAHE events are not limited to Thursday afternoons. Many events happen on those days, so that it can be planned into people’s regular schedule, but some events need to be on different days of the week. As the coordinator of the event you have the flexibility to run the event in the best way that suits you.

In determining the cost and location of most events; the WAHE Event Coordinator is a helpful contact. We encourage events to be kept to a very reasonable cost if at all possible and ask that all fees be communicated clearly.

We encourage events be planned for a wide range of ages; however we understand that is not always possible. Please clearly state any age requirements on the calendar and forum posts.

When you have an event ready to be published for the WAHE membership, please submit a new event for the calendar on the website. Fill in all pertinent information, including how to register for the event. You may also create a sign-up for the event at the same time if one is needed. Should you have questions, the WAHE Event Coordinator is available to assist you.

After an event is scheduled and approved on the calendar, please post a new thread in the forum regarding the event including all relevant information.

Should you be unable to lead your activity, please make arrangements for someone to take your place so that the activity is not cancelled.

Whenever possible, activity leaders should start an activity with prayer.