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Science Fair ON HOLD

If you would like to volunteer to coordinate the Science Fair, please contact a board member.


Homeschool Science Fair 2019


What? FEFC Annual Science Fair

When? To be determined

Where? To be determined

Who? Homeschool students may compete in the following categories:

Grades K-5 Collections

Grades K-5 Demonstrations

Grades K-5 Science Experiments

Grades 6-8 Projects following International Science Fair rules

Grades 9-12 Projects following International Science Fair rules


K-5 students will complete a project or collection, present the information on a display board, and write or dictate an age-appropriate report.

Students in grades 6-12 will complete science experiments following the scientific method and abiding by the rules of the International Science and Engineering Fair. The rules are found here: They must complete a research plan (before the experiment), keep a log book (all information during the process of the experiment), and write a research paper (after the completion of the experiment). The student should present the information on a display board.

If you are conducting an experiment that involves human participants, vertebrate animals, dangerous chemicals, or biological pathogens (such as bread mold), you must contact the Science Fair Coordinator BEFORE you begin the experiment.

Winners will be chosen in all categories. All participants will receive certificates, and medals will be awarded based on the scores received by the judges.

An Award of Excellence and a $100 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble 
will be awarded to the best overall project.


How? Registration details will be forthcoming.


Helpful Documents: