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Volunteer Agreement

Submission of a Volunteer Form assumes that you have read the policies stated below and agree to abide by them.

Family Education For Christ is a Christian home school support group run by volunteers serving one another. As a volunteer you are agreeing to be part of our mission to encourage member families to grow and thrive in their respective homeschool environments and to facilitate their success.

You are encouraged to be involved in at least ONE volunteer activity. Listed below are possible volunteer positions. Please check all areas in which you are willing to serve. (New members are not required to sign up their first year and may click the final selection to that effect.)

It is your responsibility to contact FEFC in case of cancellation. Please notify the Volunteer Coordinator of your cancellation at least two weeks before the event or by phone if a more immediate emergency arises.

As a volunteer, you have certain responsibilities and obligations; to have
 a positive, willing attitude; follow the instructions of the Board of Officers, Activity Coordinator or Activity Leader, and be willing to listen and accept their leadership; be willing to work with others in a spirit of cooperation; show up on time, understand responsibilities and ask questions if needed; and respect the privacy of the speakers, special guests, and other volunteers.

Volunteers who do not adhere to the rules and procedures of FEFC or who fail to satisfactorily perform their volunteer assignment are subject to dismissal.


There are many activities FEFC has done in the past, such as spring talent show, spelling bee, or bowling.  If you would like to like to lead these activities, or if  you have a gift or passion for something you'd like to start, please email us at


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American Heritage Girls: Volunteer Curriculum Fair: Volunteer
Field Trips: Volunteer Georgia Day: Coordinator
Georgia Day: Volunteer GHEA: Coordinator
High School Graduation: Volunteer HSLDA: Coordinator
Ice Skating: Volunteer Kindergarten Graduation: Coordinator
Kindergarten Graduation: Volunteer FEFC Meeting Hostess: Coordinator
FEFC Meeting Hostess: Volunteer Pre-School Play Group: Volunteer
FEFC Skate Day: Volunteer Yearbook Photographer
Yearbook Volunteer High School Group: Volunteer
Trail Life: Volunteer Middle School Group: Volunteer
Science Fair: Volunteer Youth Theatre: Production crew
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