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Students of Truth and Righteousness "Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever." Daniel 12:3


HomeStars Purpose (Updated 9/8/14)

Purpose Statement:  What We Are All About

          Our main goal is to offer Christian homeschooling support and ministry by providing encouragement, resources, information, and opportunities for parents and their children to build close friendships.  We are a homeschool ministry of Bethesda Lutheran Church so we adhere to their statement of faith. 

          We desire to be a spiritual encouragement to all, no matter where they are on their spiritual journey.  From a new seeker to a mature Christian, we can all benefit from prayer, accountability, example, and grace as we continue to grow in our faith and dependence on the Lord.

          We want to take advantage of the wisdom we can gain from sharing our varied and unique experiences, abilities and family makeup.  There is no one size fits all.

          We want all members to take ownership of this group, to take part in the decision making and to feel free to offer suggestions and opinions.

          We will do our best to be honest, straightforward, and transparent with humility, humor, and acceptance.  We hope that all members will establish trusting friendships where they can share both the good times and the trials that are bound to be part of any homeschooling journey.

We provide various opportunities for homeschool support and ministry:

  1. Monthly Parent Support Meetings with a structured program to provide support and encouragement.
  2. Monthly classes for children are offered as an opportunity for our children to learn and work together with other homeschooled children and experience the benefits of working in a classroom. It is not our desire to provide a comprehensive, all-encompassing subject material, but to enrich the learning that is already taking place in your home.
  3. Monthly Family Activities to provide structured activities with other homeschool families in our group.
  4. Monthly Field Trip to provide unique learning opportunities for all HomeStars families.
  5. Additional group activities may be offered.