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Co-op Policies


Purpose Statement

The Northeast Louisiana Christian Homeschooler's Co-op exists to glorify God by pooling our families' talents, resources, and energies to broaden the scope of our children’s homeschooling education.


Guidelines, Policies and Procedures

The Co-op is a subgroup of NELCHA.  Membership in the association is required to participate in the co-op program.

Responsibilities are shared equally in order for co-op to function. Unlike public and private school, parents remain at co-op in the capacity of teachers, helpers, or other voluntary positions as an integral part of the education of their own children and other students.

All NELCHA Co-op communication will be through our forum on the website Members are responsible for reading the information posted to learn important announcements related to Co-op.


Union Station

“Union Station” is the administrative center of co-op function. A parent will be on duty at Union Station during class times during the day, as well as before and immediately after co-op.

Nametags are picked up at the family file in the co-op mailbox at Union Station at the beginning of the day, and returned at the end.

The family file is the mailbox is where any communications for that family are posted. The family file is to be checked when picking up and dropping off nametags.

Administrative issues are to be reported to the person on duty at Union Station during the day. This includes reports of teacher absences or tardiness, disciplinary issues, contacts with the church, etc.

Guideline and Policy Violations
Any parent or child who is found to be in violation of any of the NELCHA Co-op policies and/or parent/student agreement will be given a warning. If the violation continues, the Advisory Council has the right to remove the family from participation in co-op.

All teachers have the discretion to request the removal of a student. However, a parent/teacher conference will be called prior to the removal of said student.

There is one registration for the entire co-op year. CHA members are assigned registration priority in three different groups.

Priority 1 Registration – is for families whose parents are returning teachers or co-teachers. (A co-teacher is someone who actively prepares lessons and teaches on a regular basis, possibly along with another teacher.)

Priority 2 Registration – is for returning co-op families whose parents have not taught during the past year, or who are new teachers.

Priority 3 Registration – is for all families who did not participate in co-op during the previous year.

ALL fee payments must be paid at the time of registration. All fees are non-refundable.


If you have any inquiries/questions/suggestions, please contact the coordinator for the appropriate age group. He/She will bring it up to the advisory council.

Sickness and Emergencies

Regular attendance at co-op is expected of every parent and child. However, situations may occur that are beyond our control. Absences should be handled in the following manner:

Planned Absences - If you know of a time when your family will not be able to attend co-op due to a conflicting commitment, please contact the Family Coordinator so that the absence may be covered. You can do this by phone, email, or posting on the message board. We ask that all appointments be made on days other than co-op days, if at all possible.

Unplanned Emergencies
If an emergency occurs, the Family Coordinator should be contacted ASAP. In this event, he or she will make arrangements to cover any position for the co-op day. Please call your location's Family Coordinator on their home or cell phone the morning of the absence. Please do not e-mail them.

In the event of an unexpected parental absence, students that are 6th grade and up may attend co-op without the parent, but must have a chaperone designated by the parent.  This policy is intended to allow older students who are taking classes required for their transcript to avoid missing necessary work.  The family & parent must have regular attendance to qualify for this exception.

This only applies to families where the parent has been present regularly and working in co-op. We ask, if possible, the parent return to co-op after tending to the situation.

Excessive Absences
It is the policy of NELCHA CO-OP that any student or parent with three absences be considered for voluntary withdrawal from the co-op program. This consideration will be made on an individual basis and final decisions will be made by the location Advisory Council.

Leaving Campus

Under no circumstance will a student of any age be allowed to leave campus without permission of the parent and the knowledge of the Union Station attendant. Any driving student must alert the Union Station attendant at the time he or she is leaving for the remainder of the co-op day.

Parents are expected to be on campus during the entire co-op day.