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Co-op Student Policies

NELCHA  Co-op Student Agreement 

All students enrolled in NELCHA Co-op must adhere to the following guidelines:  

In Class: 

  • Be on time for classes. (This means arriving BEFORE class begins.)  

  • Complete homework (if any) given by your instructor and fully participate in class by engaging with other  students and the instructor during class time.  

  • Contact the instructor when you are absent.  Use the class forum to communicate!

  • Remain with class unless they obtain permission from their teacher to leave and be in the appropriate areas at all times; not roaming the building or property. 

Discipline issues within the classroom will be handled in this manner: 

  1. Verbal warning to the student by teacher, co-teacher or helper

  2. If behavior does not improve and class continues to be disrupted, the student will be brought to Union Station.  Parents will be notified and asked to talk with students.

  3. If repeated problem persists, the parent/student, teacher and Advisory Council member will meet to discuss options

  4. No improvement of repeated offenses will result in child being removed from class permanently. 


  • Be honest, courteous and patient with everyone; treating others with Christ-like kindness. 

  •  Respect and obey those in authority.  The teachers in your classroom are the authority . All adults on campus are in authority to protect students and the facility  at all times.  As a student, you must be willing to listen and obey ALL adults on campus.

  • Use respectful and polite language. 

  • Eat only during the appropriate times and places.  

  • Electronic devices are for breaks and lunchtime only.  Use of them in class without teacher’s permission can result in teacher confiscating devices for the class period. Repeated offenses can cause you to have to check your phone/device in at Union Station or leave with your parent during class time.

  • Do not bring weapons, tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs on the property.  

  • Physical aggression against other students or parents is not to be tolerated.  We will handle our problems and conflicts by using words, asking adults for help and stepping away from the conflict.  Physical aggression can get you sent home for the day.  Physical aggression can put your family in a possession of having to withdraw from the program entirely. 

  • Any damage done to property will be the full responsibility of student and family to reimburse.   


Dress Code: 

Be mindful that hemlines and necklines should be appropriate for “church” activities.  Please use good personal  hygiene and come to co-op clean!  There are to be no tank tops, crop tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, exposed backs,  short shorts/dresses or pants that expose undergarments or mid-drift or very tight-fitting garments of any kind. Clothing with messages must not  be offensive.(If in doubt about whether it’s offensive, don’t wear it!) Please make sure all clothing is freshly laundered!