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Who We Are

We are a Christian cooperative education group meeting in Fairview, Texas, offering classes for homeschooled students grades K-12.

Godly Academic Teaching and Enrichment - GATE

Throughout Scripture, the GATE is a strong image. 
It is a meeting place—where leaders contemplate, transactions are made, relationships are built.  
It is an access point—open to those who desire community, but a defense against invaders.
It is an image of our faith—Jesus himself being the gate for His sheep, and encouraging us to go through the narrow gate.

This association was created to be a place of meeting, to provide access, and to encourage people to walk in faith.  Our members are gatekeepers, watching and providing a place of Christian community for all who enter.  May we show the strength and glory of the Lord as we work together to educate our children and enrich families.