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Welcome to the home of CHEX,
Christian Homeschoolers Exchange!

Who We Are

We are a group of homeschool families joining to fellowship, encourage each other in our life’s journeys, and provide excellent group learning opportunities for our children. Member families must be home educating a child that is at least 5 years old, kindergarten age.

Where and When We Meet

The whole group gathers at Westminster Presbyterian Church** on Monday mornings from 8:45-12:00, eight weeks in September-November and eight weeks in February-March. After a brief group devotional & announcements, we have three 55-minute class periods.  We also have an additional electives class period for Second Level students from 12:35-1:30.

High school students (SecondLevel) meet an additional eight weeks, for a total of 24 weeks. This extended schedule more readily meets high school requirements.

** We use Westminster’s facility but are not affiliated with the church.

What We Offer

There are academic co-ops and supplemental co-ops. Our niche is to provide the best of both worlds: supplemental in the primary grades and academic in the high school years. This enables families who want both to stay together in the co-op setting.

In the primary grades, we provide gym class plus 2 others. The other classes range broadly in content depending on what the moms have an interest in teaching: art, history, music, literature, science, etc.

In the BridgeLevel (grades 7-8), and SecondLevel (grades 9-12), classes offered are primarily academic, with some electives to round out the program.

Group activities include a summer picnic, field trips, Learning Showcase, Track & Field Day, standardized testing in the spring, and mom’s nights.

Why We Meet

Our desire is to serve each other and use each person’s unique skills to strengthen and bless the group, while providing an excellent learning atmosphere for our children.

Moms with children in preschool through BridgeLevel fill multiple roles: teaching, assisting teachers, and/or volunteering to set up the facility on Monday mornings, coordinate field trips, organize a fundraiser, or plan the end-of-year luncheon. At this time, moms with ONLY   Second  Level students are not required to contribute their skills in the running of the co-op; however, their participation in Prayer & Share and/or volunteer positions is welcome.

A cornerstone of our co-op is mom’s Prayer & Share, when we take an hour to focus on the Lord together and lift each other up in prayer. On Monday mornings, each mom teaches or assists for 2 hours and has Prayer & Share for an hour.


  Support Group Membership  : $15 Family fee+ $20 CHALC membership fee = $35


 This is for those families who would like to participate in their choice of field trips, testing, Learning Fair, Track & Field, etc. but do not wish to attend Monday morning classes.


Second Level Membership: $35 Registration fee+ $20 CHALC membership fee = $55

This is for those parents who want their 9th-12th grade students to take our classes but are not interested in participating as teachers, helpers or in Prayer & Share. Students can be dropped off for classes with no parent participation required.

Full Membership: $25 Family fee + $20 CHALC membership fee = $45


 *CHALC membership includes liability insurance, a subscription to the Scrawls, a monthly homeschooling newsletter, seminars, graduation, etc.


For Full Membership class cost per student depends on age:

Nursery is free, PK1-Kindergarten is $15/student, and 1st grade – 6th grade is $21/student.

This covers all 6 classes the student takes during the two sessions.

BridgeLevel & SecondLevel students pay per class, according to the teacher’s fee.