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Mrs. Pam Powles To All Instructors

Mme Pam Powles loves teaching, and has been teaching French and Spanish for over 35 years, first in a public school setting, and more recently in a home school support group setting. In addition to teaching French at Cornerstone, she currently teaches French and Spanish classes to students online. Pam holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in French, and Master of Arts Degrees in French and Spanish. She is certified to teach French and Spanish in grades K-12 in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York State. She has been a homeschool evaluator since 1995, and homeschooled her own three children from Kindergarten through high school. 

Current Classes
French 1A 2023-2024 12:30pm – Instructor (closed)
French 1B 2023-2024 11:00am – Instructor (closed)
French 2 2023-2024 10:00am – (closed)
French 3 2023-2024 1:30pm – (closed)
French - Introductory 2024-2025 1:30pm – Instructor (open)
French 1A 2024-2025 11:00am – Instructor (open)
French 1B 2024-2025 12:30pm – Instructor (open)
French 2 2024-2025 10:00am – (open)
French 3 2024-2025 9:00am – (open)