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Mrs. Ellen Campbell To All Instructors

Ellen Campbell received teaching certificates from the state of New Jersey and the state of Pennsylvania. She is a homeschool evaluator and has taught all ages of students in a wide variety of classrooms and other teaching situations for more than 35 years. She homeschooled her own children for 12 years. Ellen took Writing for Children and Teenagers and Writing Children's Books from The Institute of Children's Literature. She was a member of the San Diego County Christian Writers' Guild and of Lancaster Christian Writers. Ellen has had a few articles published. She really enjoys teaching writing, history, and civics courses.

Current Classes
Castles, Kings and Battles FALL 2023-2024 11:00am – Instructor (closed)
Civics FALL 2023-2024 8:00am – Instructor (closed)
Grammar & Essay 2023-2024 1:30pm – Instructor (closed)
Psychology 2023-2024 9:00am – Instructor (closed)
Science Fiction Literature 2023-2024 10:00am – (closed)
Writers Workshop 2023-2024 12:30pm – Instructor (closed)
Art History SPRING 2023-2024 11:00am – (closed)
Geography Spring 2023-2024 8:00am – Instructor (closed)
British Literature 2024-2025 10:00am – (open)
Business Writing Fall 2024-2025 11:00am – Instructor (open)
Civics FALL 2024-2025 8:00am – Instructor (open)
MS Medieval and Ren History 2024-2025 – Instructor (open)
Psychology 2024-2025 1:30pm – Instructor (open)
Writers Workshop 2024-2025 9:00am – Instructor (open)
Geography Spring 2024-2025 8:00am – Instructor (open)
Research Writing SPRING 2024-2025 11:00am – Instructor (open)