Creative Home Educators' Support Services (CHESS) Creative Home Educators' Support Services (CHESS)

When and where does CHESS meet?

CHESS meets for 30 Tuesdays from the end of August until the end of April of each school year.  We offer six 55 minute periods each Tuesday, with a lunch break in the middle.  Students are then assigned work to complete until they meet again the next week.  Classes are offered for 2nd-12th graders.  Parental involvement at home is a must to ensure that the student is prepared for in-class learning and participation.

We hold classes at Grace Chapel in Elizabethtown.

What are the family requirements to participate in CHESS classes?

In order to make it feasible to administrate CHESS classes, parents are required to:

1. Take an active role in the education of their student--partnering with the teacher to make sure the assigned work is completed by deadline.

2. Attend the mandatory (only for new students) Family Meeting the last Monday in August. Important information concerning classes and activities will be discussed.

3. Provide a side, veggie and dessert for approx. 80 people and help serve it. Chess will provide the main course. You will sign up with one other family to share the expense. (Instructors exempt). SignUpGenius link will be sent to all families.

4.Monitor students in the gym and outside for half a day - either a morning through lunch or lunch through afternoon – at least twice during the year, depending on the number of families enrolled. (Instructors exempt). SignUpGenius link will be sent to all families.

5. All families are required to have access to email capabilities in order to take classes. It needs to be an address that is checked daily. There must be at least one address per family that is able to receive attachments. All invoices and newsletters will be sent via email. 

6. An informational link concerning plagiarism (what it is and how it has changed) will be sent out at the beginning of the school year. This video is strongly recommended for all families and required for families that will have a student enrolled in a CHESS English class.   Students in English classes will also be hearing more on the subject in their classes.

Parental involvement in the operation of CHESS on Tuesdays minimizes the number of behavior problems that an administrator or teacher needs to address. Many times these situations are not of a serious nature. The students just need to be reminded of the rules and appropriate behavior. We still expect students to be able to govern themselves and will call in parents if a problem develops.

Please consider whether you are able to meet these requirements before you register. If you are unable to come to CHESS on any date for lunch or monitoring you must find a representative to take your place and compensate them accordingly.

What are the student requirements for taking classes at CHESS?

Students are expected to interact respectfully with their instructors and other students of all ages. Exhibiting a respectful attitude is our first requirement and our highest priority.

CHESS classes are for the self-motivated student with fully involved parents. Our classes are not just for advanced students. We seek to create an environment where students of varying abilities and interests can learn together in an enriching and stimulating setting. However, we do expect students to take their academic studies seriously and show an interest and aptitude for their work. It must be the student who wants to take classes at CHESS, not just the parent. We have waiting lists for students who want to get into classes and we want to provide opportunities for those students who really want to be in our classes.

Students and parents will be required to read through the Student Handbook and sign a contract agreeing to abide by CHESS policies before beginning classes. This contract will be a pledge on the student’s part to respect instructors and CHESS students, to put forth his/her best effort in completing assignments on time, and to take responsibility for his/her studies; and on the parent’s part to oversee their student’s homework

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