Creative Home Educators' Support Services (CHESS) Creative Home Educators' Support Services (CHESS)

Student/Parent Contract

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Please submit one form for each student.

Please read the “Student Handbook” and this document, and sign by the first day of class. Each student in the family must sign his or her own contract.

Student: “I agree to take responsibility for my own education. I will come to class prepared and complete assignments on time. If I know I will not be in class, I will contact my instructor(s) for all assignments I will miss, and will turn in beforehand all assignments due. If I am absent due to illness, I will contact my instructor for the next week’s assignments. I will show my parent(s) all assignments I receive in my classes and go over with them my work for CHESS. I agree that CHESS classes are a priority in my home education program.

I will respect my parents, instructors, administrators, and peers. I will respect the Parent Monitors/Rovers and obey their commands. I will also take care of CHESS’s equipment and the property of Grace Chapel.

I have read the CHESS Student Handbook and understand the expectations of CHESS and my responsibilities.”

By typing his/her name below, the student agrees with the above statements.

Parent: “I agree to oversee my child’s work, encouraging them to do their best. I will offer oversight and guidance, but let my child do his own work. I will instruct them in appropriate ‘classroom etiquette’ and the proper behavior when in a church facility. I have explained that I have placed them under CHESS’s authority while they are enrolled in classes at CHESS. I have read the CHESS Student Handbook and will make sure my child understands his/her responsibilities. I will purchase all supplies and books required for classes before the first day of class. I will also read all the information I receive from CHESS and will make all payments by the dates due indicated on invoices.”

By typing his/her name below, the parent agrees with the above statement.

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