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Thank you for your interest in the Liberty Education and Resource Network (LEARN). LEARN is a ministry of  Faith Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Pole Tavern, NJ, and is run by a volunteer Board that is overseen by the Elder Session of Faith OP Church. The mission of LEARN is to assist and support parents in the training of their children by providing classes to supplement and enrich their education. LEARN is not to be seen as a replacement for parental instruction, but as a supplement to and an extension of Christian education and nurture in the home.

  • LEARN is a cooperative learning opportunity for children pre-K through 12th grade.
  • LEARN is a cooperative effort in every sense. There will be a pooling of our skills and resources. Everyone must contribute to our success. One parent must be present every hour one of their children is attending classes.
  • This is not a profit making venture, but a ministry by families to families. Prices of classes are determined by the costs of supplies alone. Teachers will be giving of their time.

The LEARN Fall 2015 semester begins on Thursday, September 17th, 2015 and runs through Thursday, November 19th, 2015.


Class Registration for the Fall 2015 semester for Teachers opens July 13th at 9:00AM.

Class Registration for the Fall 2015 semester for Returning Families opens July 15th at 9:00AM.

Class Registration for the Fall 2015 semester for New Families opens July 20th at 9:00AM.

 All Class Registrations for the Fall 2015 semester close on July 24th at midnight.  No registrations will be accepted after this registration deadline and no refunds will be issued for dropped classes after this registration deadline. 


All LEARN Classes are classified by specific age bracketsA student's age for Class Registration is determined by his/her age on the first day of the current semester.  A student may only register for classes in which he/she meets the age requirement.  For the upcoming Fall 2015 semester, your child's age is determined by the age he/she will be on September 17, 2015.  Although we offer pre-school classes, all LEARN families must have at least one child participating in the classes who is at least five years old by the first day of the current LEARN semester. 



As a help to homeschooling families of young children, LEARN does offer both an Infant Nursery and a Toddler Nursery.  However, strict Fire Code Regulations limit the number of children and parents allowed in the Nurseries during each class period.  Once the Nurseries are filled, no more infants and/or toddlers can be enrolled.  If you have young children and space in the Nursery is filled, please plan to make other babysitting arrangements while you attend LEARN, as the Nurseries are the only locations in the building for infants and toddlers.

Due to Fire Code regulations and space restrictions, LEARN can offer only a very limited number of Parent Helper slots in the Infant and Toddler Nurseries.  Please only register as a Parent Helper in the Infant Nursery if you are a nursing mom or if you have a true need to be with your child in the Nursery.  Please only register as a Parent Helper in the Toddler Nursery if your child truly needs you to stay with him/her.  Please limit your time as a Parent Helper in the Nursery so as to give other parents a chance to help their children transition as well.  Thank you!