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Upcoming Events

HELP Homeschool Pizza Fundraiser Sign Ups
February 17 - Wednesday

Senior Theater Extra Rehearsal
February 19 - Friday
11:00 AM - 04:30 PM

HELP Homeschool Pizza Fundraiser Delivery
February 24 - Wednesday

Tentative Junior Theater Extra Rehearsal
March 4 - Friday
09:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Senior Theater Extra Rehearsal
March 4 - Friday
11:00 AM - 04:30 PM

March 9 - Wednesday

Study Hall
Photography Class
oops! we forgot to remove the cover on the lens for our photo op!!
Study time!
in the bathroom???
Studying in the Upper Foyer
Art Class
working on those fine motor skills!
Davinci Machine Concentration
NutriFit Kids with Mrs. Leggett!
HELP Homeschool Leaders
Left to Right Barb Woeste, Leah Helbling, Julie Brooks, Judy Young
Dissection in Systems of the Body
Partnering with YOU the Parent
Group Voice
Teen Fellowship
Musical Theater Senior
More Musical Theater Senior
The Lovely Mrs. Mackris

What began as a handful of enrichment classes has developed into an expanding educational program.

HELP Homeschool offers enrichment and academic classes taught from a biblical perspective. We partner with the parent for the purpose of equipping you in your God-given task of educating your children. Parents are given the flexibility to select the classes best suited to your student need and family budget.  Classes are held once a week so families experience minimal disruption to everyday life.

HELP homeschool continues to grow and adapt as the needs of our families change. When a particular course is desired, qualified instructors are sought to step in and fill the need.    

HELP Homeschool meets at Milford Christian Church, 844 State Route 131, Milford OH 45150.


HELP homeschool offers a wide variety of classes!

For those seeking enrichment opportunities, classes such as Spanish, Art, Nutri-Fit, Mad Science, Musical Theatre, Lego Robotics, Galloping the Globe, Jr Lit, and Crazy Contraptions are available for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Students who desire to earn high school credits and/or prepare for college may require more rigorous academic courses. HELP Homeschool offers courses in Mathematics, History, Language Arts, Science, Health, Economics, Government, Personal Finance and Fine Arts.  These courses are led by qualified and experienced instructors.

HELP operates on a 'University Model'.  Instructors hold classes every Wednesday. Students learn to establish a homework schedule that allows them to meet assignment deadlines.  This type of time-management skill is a valuable asset to students as they mature and prepare for life.


Our instructors are comprised of a group of Christian men and women who are skilled in their respective fields and have a passion for teaching. Because most of their own children are enrolled on campus, the leadership and teaching staff have a vested interest in the integrity of the program.


Every parent wants the best for their child. An ideal way to determine whether HELP is a fit for your family is to visit our campus. Instructors are eager to open their classes to guests and speak to prospective students and parents!

Contact Judy Young, Director, at or 513-625-1294 to schedule your visit.


Registration and Payment are accessed via the website.  All necessary forms will be filled out online during the registration process. HELP Homeschool charges a non-refundable $50 registration fee per family.  Payment may be made via PayPal, check or cash.  Check or cash may be dropped off in person at HELP Homeschool on the Wednesdays we meet for classes from 830a-430p or mailed to Judy Young, Director, 5580 SR 133, Williamsburg, Ohio 45176


Only ½ of the total tuition due is required at the time of registration.  Full tuition payment is preferred. Balance is due on or before the first day of the new semester. There are exceptions for Full Year courses.  

Note: Fees collected for classes cover instructor fees and operational costs. The leadership of HELP, receive no monetary compensation. They view their work at HELP as a ministry and cheerfully “bank” the memories and the gratitude received from families.