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CLASSES for Winter/Spring

will be VIRTUAL beginning January 6, 2021.

Registration is Open

All Existing and New Families May Register

New Families Opens April 12

HELP 2020-2021 Schedule

HELP Class offerings for Winter 2021

The following are classes that will be offered by HELP Homeschool for the fall of 2020.  We plan to offer our full course selection in-person in the spring of 2021.

             Phy-Chem                                           Tinker-Time Engineering (10:30)

             Scientific Mayhem                               Galloping the Globe (9:30)

             Five in a Row (11:30)                          Pre-IEW

             IEW                                                      Systems of the Body

             Coding I                                              Jr. Literature

             Junior High Composition & LIterature

            Junior High Life Science

             Physics                                               High School Government

             High School Life Science                   High School Chemistry

             High School Biology                           High School Composition & Literature

             High School Nothing But Writing       Advanced Math

             Algebra II                                           Virtual Tap Class

Please continue to check back here and on Facebook for any updates!

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What began as a handful of enrichment classes has developed into an expanding educational program.

HELP Homeschool offers enrichment and academic classes taught from a biblical perspective. We partner with the parent for the purpose of equipping you in your God-given task of educating your children. Parents are given the flexibility to select the classes best suited to your student need and family budget.  Classes are held once a week so families experience minimal disruption to everyday life.

HELP homeschool continues to grow and adapt as the needs of our families change. When a particular course is desired, qualified instructors are sought to step in and fill the need.    

HELP Homeschool meets at Milford Christian Church, 844 State Route 131, Milford OH 45150.

Our Classes


Spring Break
March 10 - Wednesday
End of 12 week classes
March 31 - Wednesday
Virtual Tap Class Make-Up
April 7 - Wednesday
Galloping the Globe Make-Up
April 7 - Wednesday
Five in a Row Make-Up Class
April 7 - Wednesday
Virtual Tap Class Make-Up
April 14 - Wednesday
End of 16 week classes
April 28 - Wednesday


Community Events
Ravine to Freedom program
03:03 PM EST January 24 - Sunday

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