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PEC Homeschool Expo

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August 5, 2023


PBAU Green Complex
1100 S Dixie Hwy
W Palm Beach, FL 33403 US
The Expo will be held in the Greene Complex.

Additional Information

Saturday, August 5, 2023, from 9:30am to 3:30pm

Attendee Check-In begins at 8:45am


Palm Beach Atlantic University

Greene Complex

1100 S. Dixie Hwy.
West Palm Beach, FL 33403


The Palm Beach County Homeschool Expo is a day filled with information and encouragement for homeschool families or those interested in homeschooling. There will be workshop sessions and a large exhibitor hall.


Please help us spread the word to anyone who may be interested. 


Event Schedule

8:20: Volunteer Check-In

8:30-9: Vendor Registration and Set-Up

8:45: Attendee Registration

9:30-3:30: Vendor Hall Hours

10-10:50: Session I

11-11:50: Session II


12:15-1:05: Session III

1:15-2:05: Session IV

2:15-3:05: Session V

3:30: Vendor Hall Closes


Blessings Table: There will be a Blessings Table if you would like to recycle and bless others by donating any books; we request you bring the books in a small box. We have approximately 200 storybooks for kids collected already.


Chick-Fil-A will be open!


Parking is free in the parking lots and the PBA parking garage. The parking garage is working a little more smoothly this year. If you park on the streets, you will need to pay.


Directions: For those of you that are new and are coming to the Greene Complex for the first time, Palm Beach Atlantic University has been remodeled. The address 1100 S. Dixie used to be the front of the building. The entrance doors are now on the east side of the building. 1100 S. Dixie Hwy, West Palm Beach, FL 33403


Several Vendors will have a raffle at their table.


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Please let your friends know to register online for the Expo! Those who have registered online will receive a homeschool information bag and an Expo gift for the 1st 200+ who arrive.


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Academy of Dance, Music & Theatre

Acton Academy Palm Beach

Alta Wehmeyer LLC 

Beacon   Leadership Academy 

BJU Press Homeschool/HomeWorks by   Precept

Bliss academy

Brain   Balance of Palm Beach Gardens

CHEC The Center

Child Evangelism Fellowship 

Christ Fellowship Church

City Edventures

Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

CLASS colearn + connect

Classical Conversations

Color Street 

Compass Outreach and Education   Center

Conscious Kids

Creative Zebra Press

Florida Virtual Homeschool Evaluations and Consulting Service

Florida Virtual School

Food Forest DIY

Generations Christian Homeschool

Get Homeschool Coaching


Goldner   Conservatory at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre

Good Ways Group

Ground Control

Healing Melodies Music Therapy Music   Education International


Hooked on Homeschool

i9 Sports (C&V Sports, LLC d.b.a i9   Sports)

Inlet Books LLC

Keep it Straight

Kingdom Crafts LLC

Kingz Armor

Little Medical   School of the Treasure Coast

Living Learning Library


Math-U-See/Demme Learning


Microschool Florida

Nova Leadership Academy

Open Tent Academy

Partners For Family Values

Pat M Chin - Home Health & Wellness   Consultant


Rookie Rescuer

Safari Bob's

Saints PE International 

Saltwater Studies, Inc.

Sam Sorbo

Sapneil Tutoring

SDG Counseling

SethInMotion, LLC

South Florida   Homeschool Resource Center

Southeastern University at Christ Fellowship 

Surf Skate Science

The Bee's Knees Learn & Play

The Children's Museum of the   Treasure Coast

The English Dr.

The Living School

The SKILLED Institute 

Thomas Ed Learning Center

U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps - American Veterans   Division 

Veritas Victors

Vinceremos therapeutic riding center 

Youth Environmental   Alliance




Title of Presentation - Self Care

Presentation Category:  All

Overview: This presentation will discuss self-care strategies to navigate through seasons of family addictions and dependencies.  NASM Certified personal trainer and Four-time author, Betty Jean, will share her success story which includes spiritual, emotional, and physical tips to be good stewards of our time and wellbeing.

We can't pour from an empty cup. Come fill your cup with this empowering and encouraging discussion that will promote healing and hope for the entire family.

Speaker; Betty Jean Poznak,


Title of Presentation - Funds for Parents to Educate & 2023 Legislative Session

Presentation Category - Homeschool Legal

Overview - Do Shekels = Shackles?  Come hear Brenda Dickinson discuss the new Personalized Education Program which provides funds for parents to educate their children at home and how that will affect home education.  Get your questions answered and hear what the future may look like for Florida parents.  Brenda will discuss other changes from the 2023 legislative session and the coming changes to the Home Education Foundation.

Speaker - Brenda Dickinson

Name of Organization - Home Education Foundation

Company Website;


Title of Presentation; Helping Students Identify Their God-Given Purposes & Careers

Presentation Category: College & Career

Overview: This presentation offers a biblical perspective of how parents can encourage their children in their likes, interests, gifts, and talents to find their God-given purpose and career. God created every student differently with the exact personality and giftings that he or she needs to fulfill God's plan for his or her life. In this session, parents will be provided with encouragement and helpful suggestions on ways to help their children thrive and celebrate their God-given uniqueness while also helping them resist cultural pressure for uniformity and how this could translate into options for future careers.

Speaker; Christa Jewett,

Name of Organization; Saltwater Studies

Company Website;


Title of Presentation; The Blueprint of Success - Galatians 6:9

Presentation Category: Elementary, Parenting         

Overview: Galatians 6:9 holds the secret to success and can be applied in all areas of your homeschool. Paul writes to the churches of Galatia and shares with them how to be successful with their newfound freedom and faith. He warns them of the pitfalls to avoid. All this wisdom can be applied daily in your home to raise kids who embrace the pattern of success in their faith and in every area of their life. Come and learn the blueprint of success and how to implement it.          

Speaker; Cindy Marler,          

Name of Organization; CHEC

Company Website;


Title of Presentation; Cybersecurity for Homeschool Families

Presentation Category: All

Overview: Technology and the internet provide an endless amount of enrichment to our home education. The benefits of this can sometimes be outweighed by the risk we allow into our children's minds through lack of awareness. With this presentation I will cover the following topics of increasing concern for homeschooling parents: Cybersecurity at Home, protecting your Child’s Identity, protecting your Child’s Innocence, Cyberbullying, Social Media Privacy Concerns and Tips, Passwords and Physical Security, Email Security, Smartphone Security, and Cybersecurity Courses and Careers.  After taking my workshop users would be able to gain awareness of threats to their family security and privacy; talk with their spouse and children about technology and online dangers; tighten controls on their family technology and learning devices; and better protect their children from online and technological dangers.

Speaker; Don Kelly,           


Title of Presentation; One Size Doesn’t Fit All:  Understanding the Various Nuances of Online Education

Presentation Category: Elementary, Middle and High School         

Overview: We all know it is growing. We must all face it. We need to embrace it. Homeschooling parents are increasing their reliance on virtual technologies to educate their children. Enter:  Online classes.

In this session, we’ll explore new ways of meeting the needs of the next generation of homeschool families.  This workshop will provide you with an overview of what to look for in online classes, the distinct types of virtual classes, how to evaluate if it is a good match for your child, a look at the levels of support for homeschooling families and more. Join us as we provide you with a process for understanding, assessing, and comparing online homeschooling classes and programs so that you can choose the opportunities that meet the specific needs of your children and family. Homeschoolers can truly benefit from the many opportunities now available allowing us to provide the best education for our children!

Speaker; Eva Goldstein- Meola,

Name of Organization; South Florida Homeschooling Resource Center

Company Website;   


Title of Presentation; Food Forests & Regenerative Agriculture as Education

Presentation Category: Math, Elementary Stem

Overview: Come hear about how you can turn your yard into a productive space that feeds your family and teaches your children at the same time! A food forest utilizes fruit plants, perennial vegetables, and tropical root crops while also maximizing space. This is admittedly a low-maintenance, lazy gardening method designed for the tropics!  Jen is the owner and operator of Food Forest DIY, a company that offers backyard food forest consultations, and helps homeowners build the food forest they've been dreaming about. Her goal is to help people find joy and satisfaction in growing food.

Speaker; Jen Reelitz,

Name of Organization; Food Forest DIY

Company Website;


Title of Presentation; Science with Confidence

Presentation Category: Middle School and High School Science    

Overview: Middle and High School parents tend to lack confidence in science. Maybe it wasn't your favorite subject in your own schooling or maybe you think it's not something you're "good at". Chances are, you just lack the confidence you need to know you can teach it AND foster a love for it in your children! We will talk about the importance of science and how you can teach it in a way that is engaging. Help your child develop a love for science that reminds him/her that God made us to be curious and explore!                      

Speaker; Jennifer Weiler,

Name of Organization; CHEC

Company Website;


Title of Presentation; How to lead your child with calm confidence

Presentation Category: Parenting

Overview: Learn how and why our children need us to LEAD them with loving authority and instill confidence in their potential. It’s a challenge in this current climate to know when to give our children autonomy and choices, or when to set a firm boundary. Understanding our child’s brain and experience is integral in being able to navigate their developmental stages and guide them with certainty, even when their behavior confuses us or derails our intentions. Homeschooling is hard and parenting is hard, but a connected relationship with our children is our greatest asset. This can always be learned and improved upon!

Speaker; Jessica O'Shea,          

Name of Organization; CHEC

Company Website;


Title of Presentation; Education Outside the Box

Presentation Category: Elementary, Middle, High, all subjects

Overview: With technology advancements and neurological diversity, parents are taking advantage of educational opportunities outside the traditional educational model. The session explores all the way students can learn and progress developing a true individualized educational plan. Together, let’s delve into education outside the box..... because learning inspires! We use the world around us and the community to learn.

Speaker; Joelle Smith,

Name of Organization; The Living School

Company Website;


Title of Presentation; A Roadmap for Building Your Home School Mathematics Curriculum

Presentation Category: Mathematics. All grades.

Overview: The purpose of this presentation is to help parents make well informed strategic decisions in planning a mathematics program for their students. To this end we will consider what courses typically constitute a mathematics curriculum, the reasons for these choices and some alternatives. We will also discuss different perspectives and approaches to studying mathematics.

Speaker; Mark Sapirie,

Name of Organization; Inlet Books

Company Website;


Title of Presentation; Better Brain Better Behavior     

Presentation Category: All ages

Overview: Behavioral management, if your child or student is experiencing low frustration toleration, task avoidance, lack of focus, meltdowns, defiance and/or sensory struggles this workshop is a must attend! Gather insight into how the brain creates the behavioral challenges your child is experiencing and learn how to not only increase brain function, and better manage, but also change undesirable behaviors.

Speaker; Mary Baker,  

Name of Organization; Brain Balance of Palm Beach Gardens

Company Website;


Title of Presentation - Scrumptious Start to Home-Educating Youngsters

Presentation Category: Elementary   

Overview: You've likely heard people raving about the Five-in-a-Row curriculum. With good reason! Come discover why it's a fabulous literary/learning experience for your young children (and super easy for you).  Plus, and even more importantly, it builds a fabulous foundational love of learning and reading, essential to launching your child’s lifelong learning career in the best possible way!               

Speaker; Michelle Howard,        

Name of Organization; Living Learning Libraries

Company Website;           


Title of Presentation; Encouraging the Heart of a Parent…..God Is Faithful

Presentation Category: Parents of ALL ages!!

Overview: Whether you’re a first-time homeschooler or a season vet… This is one workshop you don’t want to miss! This inspirational speaker, Coach Rick Andreassen, has a unique way of communication from the heart of God to the heart of a parent, about the heart of a child!!! Come and be encouraged!

Speaker; Rick Andreassen,

Name of Organization; Saints of Florida Homeschool PE

Company Website;


Title of Presentation; A Father’s Influence on Homeschooling

Presentation Category: Dads

Overview: This session is designed especially for dads. Dr. Otto will speak from a father’s perspective looking back over 15 years of homeschooling. Moms often carry the bulk of the teaching load, but the opportunities dads have to influence their children along the journey are profound. From spiritual direction to emotional security to confidence in their identity as boys and girls, children are profoundly marked by their fathers. The homeschool journey also brings stress to a marriage. Dr. Otto has also seen many homeschooled couples struggle in their marriages. He will speak about how a husband’s influence is key to helping his marriage grow during the homeschool years.

Speaker; Dr. Robert Otto,

Name of Organization; SDG Counseling, LLC


Title of Presentation; Homeschooling Made Easy and Fun   

Presentation Category: General homeschooling     

Overview: If you’re nervous about doing a good job at home educating your children, we need to talk! Leaving public or even private school can seem daunting because it’s all we’ve really known, growing up. But the solution is simple. We’ll cover the answer to what education should be, and I’ll talk about tips and tricks for getting homeschooling right.

Speaker; Sam Sorbo,

Name of Organization; Sam Sorbo   

Company Website;


Title of Presentation; Teaching Life Skills so they can Thrive instead of just surviving.          

Presentation Category: Middle/High

Overview: SKILLED learning curriculum is based on more than 80 important life skills our teens will need to live well as adults. Teaching math, science, and other traditional academics through hands-on real-life application lessons builds critical thinking, confidence, problem solving, resilience, and allows them to love the process of learning more than the fear of failing.

Speaker; SaraJane Gates,

Name of Organization; The Skilled Institute

Company Website;


Title of Presentation; Encouragement for Homeschool Moms

Presentation Category: Moms

Overview: Homeschool is a wonderful journey with many challenges. Shannon will be speaking about the most important aspects of educating our children, how to know you are on track, keeping life in balance, and growing your marriage during these busy years. She will be addressing many questions new homeschool moms have. She will also be touching on topics that experienced homeschool moms often lose sight of. Shannon has been a mentor for many families. She speaks from the perspective of a mom who homeschooled 3 children (K-12). All three are planning on homeschooling their own children.

Speaker; Shannon Otto,


Title of Presentation; FIRST LEGO League and FIRST Robotics Programs

Presentation Category: Elementary, Middle and High School STEM

Overview: FIRST benefits are that students are two times more likely to show an increase in STEM-related attitudes and interests than comparison group students. Positive impacts are evident for all FIRST students regardless of race, gender, income, or community type.

FIRST students are prepared for greater success in the classroom and workforce.

At FIRST, we understand that interest, rather than academic proficiency, is a greater predictor of children pursuing studies and careers in STEM fields. Our evidence-based programs use strategies known to increase student interest and engagement in STEM, including hands-on learning, working as a team on real-life problems, exposure to careers and adult mentors, emphasis on FIRST Core Values and culminating in a celebration where students can showcase what they created and learned.

Speaker; Stacey Jones,

Name of Organization; FIRST and Cox Science Center and Aquarium

Company Website; and


Title of Presentation; Dyslexia Awareness

Presentation Category: Elementary-High School

Overview: Dyslexia awareness, 1 in 5 students are dyslexic, assessments introduced to spot through writing and observation/Red Flags. Technology accommodation introduced. Most importantly how to support the dyslexic student as a parent and teacher     Rise with Dyslexia

Speaker; Suzi Smith,          

Name of Organization; Rise with Dyslexia


Expo Speakers


Thank you so much; we look forward to seeing you!