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To participate in HOPE sponsored events and for access to the HOPE members only website please complete the information below. HOPE membership is $20 ($10 when joining January-April) and membership is valid through August. In May we begin accepting memberships for the next school year. After submitting the form below you should receive an email within 48 hours confirming your request. 

Note for "Sections" area of form: Choose all sections that apply to your family. You will receive occasional emails from the coordinators of the groups you checked. This is not a required field but you may miss fun activities and last minute field trip or activity changes.

HOPE does not publish a monthly newsletter. The "Weekly Email Update" notifies you of upcoming calendar events and states when information is changed or added on the website.

The information that you enter below can be edited by you at any time after your membership has been confirmed.

If you are experiencing financial hardship you may request a membership fee waiver. Make a request in the "Message to Group Administrator" box below.

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On March 12, 2012, HOPE adopted new By-Laws after adding an amendment regarding membership eligibility, Members must meet one of the following criteria: 1) The family must be currently homeschooling or intend to homeschool at least one child or, 2) The family has a graduated homeschool student or, 3) The children are too young for formal schooling. Homeschooling in this context means that the family has filed a Notice of Intent form according to the VA homeschool statute or the family is homeschooling under religious exemption. Please select the choice that best describes your reason for requesting membership to HOPE.

currently homeschool or intend to homeschool graduated a homeschool student
children are too young for formal schooling

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I agree not to share my member login information with anyone outside my immediate family. I further agree not share any information from the HOPE Members Only area of the website with non-members.

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HOPE Membership Agreement
I, the parent/guardian of the child(ren) named in my registration, by signing this form, do agree to the following:
  1. I am responsible for their supervision and transportation to/from any/all HOPE activities (i.e., field trips, park days, science fair, etc.).
  2. Children should be accompanied by a parent or have an assigned responsible adult guardian at any/all HOPE activities. (If you want someone to watch your child(ren) please let them know ahead of time.)
  3. HOPE and all activity leaders will not be held liable for any/all injury or accident that might occur during any/all HOPE activities. I the parent/guardian take full responsibility for any/all accident or injury that might occur.
By typing the name of each parent on this HOPE membership request, we are agreeing to the "Membership Agreement" as stated above.

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HOPE events and field trips lend themselves to many photographic opportunities. If you choose to answer "No" to the following statement, then you will be responsible for letting an event coordinator know that your child cannot be included in any pictures. Also, please make your child aware of your wishes. Please note: Photo Gallery photographs will not have names attached to them and all submissions are approved before appearing in the member's only area of the website in the Photo Gallery.

I acknowledge that my child may be photographed in group settings and understand that these pictures may be shared in the member's only Photo Gallery or in a HOPE yearbook.

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