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Information for Potential BACH Members

Thank you for your interest in Boerne Area Christian Homeschoolers. The BACH board has compiled the questions and answers below as a way of providing prospective members with information about our group. If you do not find the answer to your question here, please feel free to email.


· Is your school accredited?

o A: No. BACH is not a school. It is a group of homeschool parents pooling resources to offer classes, field trips and other events for our children.


· I pulled my high school aged student out of school last week. Can I enroll him/her into classes at BACH?

o A: No. Families must have homeschooled for at least a year prior to enrolling in BACH classes for high school aged students.


· If I try BACH for a year with my high schooler and then enroll him/her at Boerne/Champion High school, will BACH force the school to accept earned credits.

o A: No. Public school do not have to automatically accept credits from a non-accredited private school (including homeschools). You can request that the school test your student using the STAAR or end of year exams for the course in which you are seeking credits.


· My oldest child is 2. Can we join BACH?

o A: No. BACH limits membership to families that are actively homeschooling their K-12th grade children. Families with preschoolers may join BACH in the fall of their child’s final year of preschool (typically age 4 or 5) but may not attend enroll in classes until the student is kindergarten age. Parents of preschoolers are welcome to attend park days as advertised on the BACH public calendar as well at any support meetings that BACH offers.


· Do my children have to attend classes to be part of BACH.

o A: No. We have many members that choose to only participate in sports, field trips, dances and other BACH offerings.


· Will BACH offer all the classes I need for my student for an entire year?

o A: No. BACH offers elective, fun, hands on style classes for elementary and middle school. Parents are expected to provide a full academic program at home. Academic class for 7th-12 graders are offered, but not all the credits that a student needs will be offered in one year. Parents will need to provide additional academic classes at home.


· Are classes drop off? Can my child stay all day?

o A: Parents do not have to stay while their student is in class. BACH does have required volunteer hours that must be completed if you are enrolled in classes at BACH. Students must be picked up at lunch and taken off campus. Students may not walk off the campus. Students younger than 12 must be enrolled in continuous classes or supervised if there is a break in classes. Students over age 12 may sit quietly in the in the common room if they have a break in class time. Students with large gaps in their schedule (e.g. class at 8:40 then a break until 2:15) will need to be picked up or supervised. Similarly, students may not be dropped off several hours early.


· Are there volunteer hours required by parents?

o A: Yes, but only if your student is taking classes with BACH. You can find more information on this under the FAQ’s tab on the menu bar.


· How much does BACH cost?

o A: Membership is $50 per year. This includes access to email loop, full website, field trips, and other outings.

o If you choose to attend co-op classes, an additional fee of $40 per family per year to pay the church and insurance is charged.

o Classes are priced individually classes ranging from free to $75 per month.


· If my child is in BACH will he/she be exposed to Christian ideas and information.

o A: Yes. BACH is a Christian organization and Christ, God, the Bible, and prayer are topics that are brought up in most classes.


· I have a high school student. What is expected of him/her?

o A: A full list of high school guidelines is located on the BACH website


· My student has a disability. Can he/she attend BACH?

o A: Maybe. Our teachers are typically able to accommodate students with dyslexia and some other learning disabilities. We cannot accept students that hit, run, bite or harm others or themselves in any way. Please contact the BACH board with specifics.


· Are there other Homeschool Groups in the Area?

o A: Yes, check our Homeschooling Resources Tab for a full list.