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Photos of the board & coordinators can be found in our Photo Gallery.

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PETC Board of Directors

Administrator/Co-op Director Charlene Wells - [email protected]   772-971-8060
Administrator/Co-op Director Christina Ash - [email protected]    859-492-0650
Treasurer Katie Reynolds - [email protected]
Membership/Website Maintenance Melissa Wilbur - [email protected]
Administrative Secretary Amanda Brickley - [email protected]
Events Director Amber Sculnick - [email protected]

PETC Co-op Leaders

Co-op Director/Facility Liason Charlene Wells - [email protected]
Co-op Director/Facility Liason Christina Ash - [email protected]
PETC Co-op Teachers Fall 2022
Christina Ash [email protected]
Reza Berthold [email protected]
Amanda Brickley [email protected]
Audrey Callaway [email protected]
Nicole Chapman [email protected]
Christina Chirichello [email protected]
Geraldine Corneille [email protected]
Jill Craven [email protected]
Kelly Jimenez [email protected]
Lynn Keifer [email protected]
Meagan McGlynn [email protected]
Denfis Morales [email protected]
Alisa Morley [email protected]
Miranda Mucklow [email protected]
Ashley Permuy [email protected]
Stephen Quick [email protected]
Andrea Radford [email protected]
Anna Reilly [email protected]
Lindsay Rizo-Patron [email protected]
Rosalinda Sackrowitz [email protected]
Amber Sculnick [email protected]
Betsy Vedder [email protected]
Courtney Walker [email protected]
Charlene Wells [email protected]
Melissa Wilbur [email protected]

PETC Coordinators

Park Day Lauren Herzog - [email protected]
Field Trips Laura Dube - [email protected]
Fall Festival Anna Reilly - [email protected]
Valentine's Day Party Anna Reilly - [email protected]
Easter Party Roxy Molina - [email protected]
Field Day Amber Sculnick - [email protected]
Middle School Events Melissa Pritchard - [email protected]
High School Events Lynn Keifer - [email protected]
  Allison Fessler - [email protected]
  Charlene Wells - [email protected]
Mom's Night Out Christina Ash - [email protected]
  Kelly Jimenez - [email protected]
Earth Day Charlene Wells - [email protected]
Service Projects Kenya Reinhardt - [email protected]
Share the Joy Crystal Apicella - [email protected]
Recycle Party Crystal Apicella - [email protected]