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PETC Co-op Classes


Cooperative Learning classes, referred to as "Co-ops", are classes that are organized and scheduled by PETC. These classes are open to our members only and are taught by volunteer parents from our group and held at a facility in Jensen Beach. If you're interested in participating in these classes, your memberhip registration needs to be completed prior to the class registration window.

Class Schedule:
The schedule with all the classes being offered each semester will be on the members' side of our website. Our members will have access to all details of the classes a few weeks prior to the registration day.  

All participants will have to volunteer in some way.  We will be meeting every Wednesday from 9:30am-12:30pm (9:00 am-12:30 for high school classes).  A total of 11 weeks in the fall (Sep. 8th-Nov.17th) and 15 weeks in the spring (Jan.12th-April 27th).

It's done online via our website and the registration day and time will be posted on our private calendar. Registration window is usually early August and December. Don't miss it!
There is a one time fee for each class and this cost will be decided by the teacher.   Since we are a non-profit organization, and we like to keep the cost of our co-op classes low, teachers cannot profit from these classes, and they can only cover the cost of their supplies.  There's also a small fee added to cover PayPal and facility expenses and fees, typically $8 for the fall semester and $10 for the spring semester ($18 for yearlong classes).  Payment for the classes is expected at the time of registration via paypal.
You don't need to have a teaching degree to teach a co-op class. Each volunteer member can choose whatever subject and age group they'd like to teach. Those interested in teaching a class are asked to fill out a Teachers' Form and submit it by the requested day.  This form can be found on the sidebar menu of our webiste at the beginning of each co-op session. We also encourage you to find a friend that would be willing to help you as a teacher assistant. *With the teachers permission, teenagers (16 or older) are permitted to volunteer their time as assistants, for which they can acquire community service hours, leadership development skills, or even an internship, as the parent sees fit. However, this will not allow the family early access to registration for co-ops. Only parent assistants gain access to early registration for co-ops.
Because the teachers/parents dedicate their time and resources to the group, they will be given the opportunity to register their kids prior to the general members.  Teacher assistants will also have that same opportunity.  Teachers and assistants are exempt from clean up duty.
They are usually split up into the following age groups:
Preschool (2-3 year olds)
VPK/Kindergarten (4-5 year olds)
1st - 2nd grade (6-7 year olds)
3rd - 4th grade (8-9 year olds)
5th - 6th grade (10-11 year olds)
7th - 8th grade (12-13 year olds)
9th - 12th grade (14 +)
Please keep in mind that it is the responsibility of the co-op coordinator to decide:
  • What classes will be accepted 
  • What classroom the classes will be held in
  • What hour the classes will be assigned to
  • The number of kids in each classroom
Members that choose to participate will be asked to carefully read and abide by certain rules. Please read them prior to signing up to participate. Your agreement to these rules will have to be electronically submitted prior to the first day of classes.  Students will not be permitted into their classes until a copy of this form is on file for each family.
Clean Up:
Participating parents that are not teaching or assisting will be required to help with the clean up of the facility. Clean up occurs after the last hour of classes. The number of clean up duties per family will depend upon the number of families participating each co-op session (fall and spring). You will have the opportunity to pick your clean up days and sign up for them via our calendar after you register for classes. There is an option available to sign up to be a main cleaner. Main cleaners would be required to be at co-ops each week to clean. As a benefit, you would be able to sign up with assistants during co-op registrations.
Any questions please email us: