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Parents ETC Membership Application

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Parents ETC programs, activities, and events will always be posted on our calendar and made available to our members.  These are usually scheduled from August - May. We encourage families to join us early in the school year. Please complete the registration process if you would like to join our group.
Please note:
Co-ops and soccer are only offered in the fall and spring.  The sign up window for these events are in Aug. for the fall and Dec. for the spring.  If you are interested in participating, you must become a member prior to the sign up dates. 

Follow the following steps to become a member:

(It can also be found under "Membership Info" on the sidebar menu)
Step 2- Fill out and submit this Membership Application
(We need first and last names of parents and children.)
Step 3-  Submit electronic signature for Liability Waiver (click here) 
(Also located on the next window after you click continue & homepage)
Step 4- Pay your required membership dues via PayPal.
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Membership Cost

  • Annual membership is $35.00 per family (renewals begin August 1st and end August 14th)
  • Half year Membership is $15.00 (Anytime after Feb. 1st- May 31st)
  • Summer membership is free **(June 1st -August 14th)

All memberships expire August 15th.  To continue being a member of Parents ETC, you will be required to renew your membership every year.


Registration Process

You may begin by answering the following questions, and submitting this application.
Access will be granted after your application, payment, and liability waiver have been received.             

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Additional Questions:


Our main source of communication used by our board members and coordinators is the forum emails. If you plan to sign up your children for any of our activities, you must accept and add a check mark to the forums you plan to participate in.  ***All PETC members must check the PETC events box, and all Co-Op participants must check the Co-Op forum box.***  If you block the forum emails, you will miss out on important information or changes sent out by the board members and PETC event coordinators.

Acknowledgment and Agreement

I have read the "Membership Agreement" governing this organization, and I fully acknowledge and agree to abide by them. I understand that should I, my family, or our guests fail to abide by these standards the following actions will take place:

1st Offense: Warning
2nd Offense: Restriction from meetings and all other activities for remainder of membership year.
3rd Offense: Restriction from future group membership.

The Parents ETC Board of Directors has the discretion to determine the guidelines of all of the above. Parents ETC is a volunteer-led organization. In order for this group to support its members, all members are asked to volunteer in some way. Please choose a volunteer opportunity from the  list below.  You will be contacted by the coordinator via email to fulfill your volunteer service.

Membership dues are collected through PayPal only.  If your last name on the payment receipt differs from your last name on the membership application, please email us at info@parents-etc.com so that we can make record of that, and we don't delay in granting  you access to the website.

A PayPal account is not needed in order to use their services. They accept credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards as well. 
A PayPal "Add to Cart" button will appear after you submit this application. You may also access it at anytime under, Pay for Membership found on the sidebar menu.

Please be advised that membership dues are nonrefundable.