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Benefits of Membership

 Is made up between 100-150 homeschooling families. We come together and make an effort to provide social and academic benefits for our children. 

Our group is all volunteer led, and we depend on our members to be able to provide the benefits listed below. Our events and activities vary from year to year based on the creativity and desire of our members to coordinate them.  The leading board is always open to new ideas and suggestions. 

Some of the benefits that we've offered in previous years are:

  • Back to School Bash (Fun place for the kids to play)
  • *Fall & Spring Co-ops (Registration window is in Aug. for the Fall & in Dec. for the Spring)
  • Co-op Orientation Meeting (for co-op participating members)
  • Fall & Spring Soccer  (registration window is in Aug. for the Fall & in Jan. for the Spring)
  • Field trips (we get group rates & we depend on all members to make this happen)
  • Mom’s Night Out (any member can host one at their home or restaurant)
  • Social Gatherings (members can schedule playdates at parks or their homes)
  • Academic Events (*if there's an interest)
  • Park Days
  • Service Project 
  • Used Curriculum Sale
  • Theater Performances  
  • Bowling League (sign ups are in the fall & spring)
  • Holiday Celebrations (varies & we depend on our members to organize them)
  • Year End Celebration (fun activity for the kids)
  • Non-PETC Classes (members can arrange a class just for our group)
  • E-mail updates of community programs
Specific details about each of these programs can be found under Events and Activities 
Past academic events offered by our group:
Literature Fair, Spelling Bee, Science Fair, Brain Bowl, International Fair, History Fair, Creative Writing Contest, States or Presidents Presentations. These events have not been done in the past couple of years because of lack of participation. We encourage members to coordinate any one of these events and see if  there's an interest again.  

*To participate in PETC Co-ops sports, field trips, events, and park days, you must be a member prior to the registration window. 

Members will also receive the following Website benefits:

  • Calendar -With our planned activities for the year
  • Discussion Forum- You can ask questions and send out information
  • Family Directory-Keep in touch with other members
  • Photo Galleries- Pictures of Parents ETC activities and events
  • Family Mini Website-Promote your personal business

You can join our group at any time during the year.  Our activities and events are being offered during the school year, so we encourage you to join us early in the school year.

 Go to: "Request Membership" for more details and become a member.

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