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Our Homeschool Evaluators

FL law requires homeschool families to do a yearly evaluation. The evaluation has to be conducted by a certified teacher. The following individuals are members of our group, and they have indicated a desire to provide this service to our members.  

This list is a courtesy to them and does not constitute a recommendation. You are strongly encouraged to interview any prospective evaluators and to verify certification prior to hiring anyone to conduct an evaluation.

To verify current certification go to:



Sheryl Wimer Sheryl Wimer of Port St. Lucie.  She is a previous public school teacher and a homeschool mom of almost 20 years.  She hold a Master's Degree in special education and has been conducting homeschool evaluations for over 10 years.  Sheryl can provide evaluations to children of any age and grade level, regardless of homeschooling style.  In her relaxed manner, Sheryl visits with the student and parent while they look through the child's portfolio together during the annual evaluation, which can take place in either her home or yours, depending on your needs.  She provides praise and encouragement as well as offers help and guidance with keeping the portfolio and high school transcripts.  She lives in the Midway Road area of North Port St. Lucie and can be reached by phone at 772-408-2244 or by email at


Kelly Jimenez:  My most important role is a wife, to my husband Malachi, and mother to our children, Kaily Rose and Micah.  After teaching for 12 years in the public-school system, I retired when our first child was born, but continue to hold a valid teaching certificate, which I use to evaluate homeschoolers.   I have a Bachelor of Science in Specific Learning Disabilities.  I also have an ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) endorsement.  I’ve been homeschooling since 2009.  I believe that God has created each child uniquely, with certain strengths and weaknesses, and a specific purpose for his/her life.   With that in mind, I will look at your child’s portfolio, listen to any concerns, and try to answer any questions that you may have.   My strengths are in behavior management, and I have a passion for discovering each child’s specific learning style and purpose.  I live off Midway and Selvitz road and can be reached at

Stacey Jones:  Stacey Jones of Palm City.  She is a previous public school teacher and a homeschool mother of four.  From her 10 years as an evaluator, she has experience in giving evaluations to students from a brad range of homeschooling styles, including special needs students.  Stacey provides conseling to homeschool parents on subjects such as keeping high school transcripts, new homeschooler orientation, and keeping a portfolio.  Each eyar in May, Stacey administers the California Achievement Test/5 to homeschollers in the Treasure Coast area.  She is also certified through Bob Jones University, and can provide SAT testing.  Evaluations with Stacey are comfortable and relaxed, usually  taking 30-45 minutes.  Stacey spends this time looking through the student's work and portfolio with the parent and child.  She usually uses Worldbook's Typical Course of Study, found at, as a guide for scope and sequence, but will use whatever is appropriate for the student.  Stacey gives most evaluations in her home, but can go to the student's home or to a neutral location, if needed.  You may contact Stacey at home 781-2123, by cell 260-1801, or by emal at


Dulce Juan: I'm a wife, mommy, and teacher, but the best title I've been freely given is daughter of the King. I hold a bachelor's in Elementary Education, and have 6+ years of experience from almost every grade level up to eighth grade. I also have tutoring experience in SAT prep, reading, and math. I became a stay at home mom 5 years ago when my daughter was 9 months old. During this time, I went back to work for half of a school year at a private school. I love working with children and enjoy time with them. When I do my evaluations, I'm looking for progress. It's a casual and comfortable experience. I look at your child's work they've done throughout the year and I converse with the parent and student/s regarding their school year. We discuss needs and we can make a goal together for the next year, if that is something you and your child are interested in. We can create a list of areas to work on for your next school year together. I'm always willing to work with parents to provide what you need for your child's evaluation. Contact me at