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Our Members Share What HHE Means to Them

HHE is community to me…and to our family. The most important part for our family is having the community that loves your child like they are family…and having friends that understand your goals and passions. - Sarah 


I love that HHE provides a place for people of all different backgrounds to come together with the common goal of providing quality education for our children. Co-op day is one of my childrens’ favorite days of the week and they love all the friends they have made there.- Amberly


At HHE we found a group of moms that would guide & support you without judgement! It was friendships for my son & myself that extended far past Co-op day. - Kathleen


Throughout my almost 10 years at HHE, we’ve just been a group of moms helping each other stick to something we all believe in. HHE has provided a sacred and safe place for my children to grow up, ask hard questions, and live and work in community with like minded believers. I can say for certain that I would have given up if it hadn’t been for homeschooling with HHE in those early years, with some amazing and seasoned moms at the helm. - Dani


HHE serves my children and this community by being the hands and feet of Jesus. Even in times when I doubted the presence of the Lord as I witnessed my child's suffering, He always reminded me through these intimate friendships that He was carving the path through HHE for my child to have acceptance and friendships that would otherwise have been difficult to attain in a public or private school. - Brandy


HHE is a place where our homeschooling is complemented with fun laughter and good classes which round out our education at home, which is Christ centered. I have found the most incredible strong and loving moms that have the same focus of raising our kids without the hatred and divisiveness that exists in the world.- Kathleen


I joined HHE thinking my kids needed a place to socialize and to have someone else besides me teach them. But we have found so much more. I love teaching and how much my own children have been taught and loved and appreciated by their teachers.- Dorothy