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We are currently planning our 2024-2025 School Year

Feel free to check out the class options below but do not pay attention to times classes are scheduled. The times will be finalized before class registration.

We have added a 2nd day for those who are interested. There is a separate Basecamp Family Fee for that day but it includes the cost of classes. You can choose just Tuesday or just Friday or both because the opportunities are completely different on each day.

We will be holding a Welcome Meeting July 18th. If you want to get more info about Co-op and classes. It is great time to meet the teachers and ask questions. You will also learn about all of the opportunities with Pilgrims Progress.

REGISTRATION opens July 15th at 8am for Current Members, and 1pm for New Members.

**This meeting is required for all families registered for classes. Classes begin September 3rd.

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Student Registration- NOTE: You need to mark your students grade level before you can register

Family Facility Student Registration
Tuesday PPA Classes
PPA Family Facility Fee 2024
PPA Student Registration 2024
Kindergarten - 12th ; 5 y/o - 18 y/o
Friday Basecamp Classes
Basecamp Family Registration (Fall Semester)

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Tuesday Elementary Year Classes '24-'25

Elementary 2nd Option 2nd Semester
Grammar and Penmanship
3rd - 6th
Charlotte Mason
Pre-Kindergarten - 1st
Science- Zoology
1st - 6th
Nature Study with Illustration
Pre-Kindergarten - 1st
Art - Masters, Methods & Materials
3rd - 5th
Sewing/Needle Point
1st - 6th
Self Defense 4 Kids (1st Semester)
1st - 5th
1st - 6th

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Tuesday Jr High & Up Year Classes '24-'25

Jr High- up High School HS 2nd Option
Physical Science
7th - 12th
Apologia Biology
9th - 12th
9th - 12th
Starting Points
9th - 12th
10th - 12th
EP World History
9th - 12th

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Pilgrims Progress Homeschool

1st Option 2nd Option 3rd Option 4th Option 5th Option
Parent Group / Volunteers
Event Planning Team
Adult 20+
Field Trip Planning Team
Adult 20+
Teen Planning Club
Adult 20+ ; 13 y/o - 19 y/o
Website Tech Support
Adult 20+ ; 18 y/o - 19 y/o
Yearbook Team
9th - Adult
Leadership Board
Pilgrims Progress Director
Adult 20+
Pilgrims Progress Assistant Director
Adult 20+
Young Pilgrims Voice
PPA Volunteers
PPA Facilitator
Adult 20+
BAND Tech Support
Adult 20+ ; 18 y/o - 19 y/o
Set-Up Team
Adult 20+ ; 13 y/o - 19 y/o