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We are currently planning our 2021-2022 School Year. I have added classes here to give an idea of which classes we are planning to offer. The time of classes are not set and we could still add more classes.

REGISTRATION opens July 14th at 8am for Current Members, and 1pm for New Members.

We will be holding a Welcome Meeting on August 23rd. If you want to get more info about about Co-op and classes. It is great time to meet the teachers and ask questions. You will also learn about all of the opportunities with Pilgrims Progress.

**This meeting is required for all of families registered for classes. August 31st is when classes begin.

Student Registration

1st Step 2nd Step
PPA Student Registration (Do This 1st)
PPA Student Registration 2021
Kindergarten - 12th ; 5 y/o - 18 y/o
PPA Family Facility Fee 2021

Manage Class Registrations

PPA Academy

K-2 Elementary-Jr. High Jr High- up High School
1st Period
Modern & Church History (2nd-5th) or (6th-9th)
Pam Keener, Shawn Keener
Apologia Physical Science
7th - 12th
Karen Toste
Apologia Biology
9th - 12th ; 14 y/o - 18 y/o
Lisa Phillips
2nd Period
Art Class K-1st Grade
Charlene Hubeny
Art Class 2nd-up
Roy Simonds
IEW Themed Writing- Modern World History-Based Writing Lessons
5th - 8th
Jennifer Worley
IEW Themed Writing High School- Advanced US History
9th - 12th
Lisa Phillips
3rd Period
Elementary Apologia Science- Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures
1st - 8th
Lisa Phillips, Raquel Black
Starting Points Worldview
7th - 12th ; 12 y/o
Juan Urzua, Shawn Keener, Betty Urzua
Christian Psychology
9th - 12th
Karen Toste
PPA Volunteers
PPA Coordinator
Betty Urzua
Check-in & Check-out Officer

Manage Class Registrations

Clubs and Volunteer

1st Option 2nd Option 3rd Option
Youth Clubs
Young Pilgrims
Pre-School - 7th
Varied see Description
Spirit Squad- Teen Group
7th - 12th ; 11 y/o - 18 y/o
Angelique Meader
Parent Group / Volunteers
Parent Support
18 y/o - Adult 20+ y/o
Varied see Description
Event Planning Team
Lisa Phillips
Field Trip Planning Team
Varied see Description
Leadership Board
Pilgrims Progress Leaders
Betty Urzua, Lisa Phillips, Pam Keener
Lyra Maclone
YP Coordinator
Need Instructor