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HFH Membership Criteria


Holy Family Homeschoolers is a Catholic homeschool support group. Families eligible for HFH membership are:

1. Raising their children Catholic,


2. Willing to respect the precepts of the Catholic Church and abide by the Catholic homeschooling mission of HFH,


3. Fall under one of our the following membership categories:

  • Active Homeschoolers Filing PI-1206: 
    We are active homeschoolers, currently filing PI-1206 (required by the state of Wisconsin) for at least one child in our family.
  • Planning to Homeschool and File PI-1206:
    Our children are still young, but we are planning to homeschool and file PI-1206 when our children reach school age. Or, we are seriously considering homeschooling school-age children and expect to begin homeschooling (filing PI-1206) within the next year.
  • Alumnus Family: 
    We are an HFH alumnus family with at least one of our children spending all of their high school years as an HFH member.
  • Core Family: 
    We are an HFH Core Family, meaning that although we may not be currently homeschooling, we have been HFH members for at least 8 years at some time in the past.