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HFH's Mission and Eucharistic Connection

Holy Family Homeschoolers provides fellowship and support for Catholic homeschooling families in the Madison Diocese and the greater Madison area.

HFH's Connection With the Eucharist
The cornerstone of HFH activities has always been the monthly celebration of Holy Mass as a group. Throughout the years, we have been supported generously by Msgr. Kevin Holmes, Msgr. Jim Bartylla, Fr. Eric Nielsen, Fr. Rick Heilman, and Fr. Tait Schroeder. In providing the Sacrifice of the Mass and monthly Confession, these faithful priests have not only strengthened the faith of our families, but have provided a unified means for our families to come together in worship of our Lord in His Sacraments. The obvious love and devotion that these holy priests have for Our Lord in the Eucharist has been transmitted to our children and bolstered in our families. Holy Mass and the Eucharist continue to provide the mortar which binds our group before the Lord.

HFH families are keenly aware that our duty as Catholic parents and educators involves passing on the Catholic Church's truths and treasures to our children. Perhaps the greatest of those treasures is the Eucharist, with all the beauty and graces that flow from it. Another closely related treasure is the understanding that discernment of one's vocation, including the possibility of a religious vocation, must be submitted to the will of God. Indeed, the accurate transmission of Christ's teachings, the continuation of His Perpetual Eucharistic Presence in our tabernacles, and the graces available through the Sacraments, are all dependent on the ordination of priests. Catholic homeschooling provides a fertile forum for instilling in our children a deep devotion to the Eucharist and the fostering of religious vocations, even in the midst of our increasingly secular world.

Appealing to the Holy Family for its protection and intercession, HFH families look to one another for the support and determination to follow the less-traveled road to sainthood. Our member families are strengthened in this mission of sainthood by the Eucharist, and by our abiding love for the Real Presence.