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Where Do My HFH Dues Go?

HFH dues support our families and help bring you many opportunities.

The following is a partial list of the ways in which dues are used:

HFH carries liability insurance for which we pay an annual premium.

Our website host charges us a fee per member family.

Facility Fees
When we use a facility or a venue for an HFH event, we are often required to pay a facility fee to that venue.

Scholarship Money
To the degree that we are able, HFH financially assists member families who would otherwise be unable to participate in HFH classes and activities.

Bees & Activities
HFH purchases certificates, awards, and supplies for events such as the geography bee, the spelling bee, Battle of the Books, the science fair, and a rocket launch program.

HFH helps underwrite the cost of group graduation events for eighth graders and high schoolers.

HFH provides Mass stipends and end-of-year stipends to the priest friends who support our group in many ways. HFH also provides thank you cards and gifts from time to time to the many volunteers and teachers who help support our group.

Miscellaneous Expenses
The list of miscellaneous expenses is long, but includes things like postage, yearbook purchase, hall rental, food and paper products for parties, mops and brooms to clean the facilities we use, and much more.

We are very careful to use HFH dues wisely, and we carry only enough surplus to be able to easily meet the needs of HFH during the year.

If you have questions about HFH dues, please contact our treasurer. Her name and contact info are listed under "Directories" > "Steering Committee" when you sign into the HFH site.