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Instructions for payment of fees

Membership fees (all members) are due within two weeks of joining GCE and then, for renewing members, they are due annually, in June.  Grace School fees (for those taking classes) are due each semester.  Fees must be paid to keep your log-in active and to open your class registration portal.

To let us know you plan to take classes or not, please select the appropriate box at the end of your user profile for each semester.  If your balance due does not include your charge for GCE fees, and you do intend to take classes, please email Director or Treasurer and let us know.  Likewise, if you do not plan to take classes, and we have billed GCE fees to your account, please let us know. 

NOTE: If planning to take classes, all member fees and GCE fees must be paid by or before the deadline, as these must be processed overnight. Registration portals cannot be opened on the same day the payment is received.


This may be viewed at the top of your screen after log-in.  Your balance due is calculated based on whether or not you plan to enroll your children in one or more Grace School classes.  There is a question at the bottom of your member profile for you to let us know whether or not you are taking classes.   If your balance due includes a charge for Grace School fees and you do not plan to enroll for classes, please let us know and we will correct your balance due.


1) By PayPal:  Please click the "Outstanding balance $___" link at the top of the screen to view your invoice and pay through PayPal.  Choose the invoice to pay by checking the box by the dollar amount.  Click "Pay now" to be re-directed to PayPal.  Then follow the instructions from PayPal.

2.) By mail:  If you prefer to mail in your payment, please mail to

GCE c/o Karesha Icho 103 Cimmaron Ct, Alvarado, TX 76009

3.) In person:  Some fees, such as field trip fees, could be billed during the semester.  To pay in person, please give your payment to the Treasurer.

NOTE FOR FEES TO TEACHERS:  Grace Christian Educators does not handle the payments made to teachers.  Some teachers offer PayPal / credit card options; others accept cash and/or checks.  Please see their payment instructions on their class descriptions.  If they accept PayPal, they can be paid directly, through this site, as described above for GCE member, admin, and facility fees.  This payment will go directly to their private PayPal account.  If they accept cash / check, they can be paid in person or on orientation night.  All balances paid directly to teacher will be closed after orientation night.

Reminder & helpful hints:  Member fees are billed annually.  Members who plan to enroll for Grace School classes also will be billed once per semester, for their administration and facility fee.  If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Leadership Team.  Contact information may be found on the left navigation link by clicking Leadership Contact Info or by visiting the online member directory.

Instructions to register your child(ren) for classes are available from the "Registration Instructions" link, found on the left sidebar of the screen.

Please let us know if you have any questions.