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School Information


Our Purpose:

Harvest Christian School (HCS) exists to stand with parents as they discover, explore, enjoy, and excel in their God-given role to educate their children. HCS provides the avenue for parents to network, fellowship and encourage one another (Deut. 6:7).

Our Vision:

HCS seeks to encourage and assist parent in this calling through a variety of ways, ways that its individual members enable the group to carry out through their active participation. Our prayer is that, through the practical application of God's word and prayer, we would heed His instruction in loving, educating, and equipping our children to the fullest extent of their ability " (Psalm 144:12)


Our Core Values:

  • To promote education and learning in the home
  • To help equip students to be leaders in whatever path God leads
  • To advocate for parental rights and responsibilities
  • To give encouragement and support
  • To provide practical help and resources
  • To be personable, accessible, and compassionate
  • To stay flexible, relevant, and innovative
  • To build unity and community

Parent Responsibilities:

Education: It is the responsibility of the parent to educate his own child(ren).  Parents are expected to accompany their children during all HCS activities. Parents are expected to encourage God-honoring behavior in their children.

Grades/Attendance: Parents are required to post  grades and attendance each year on a semester schedule. First semester grades are due by January 15, second semester grades are due by June 15. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in possible dismissal from HCS.

Fees: A yearly tuition of $200.00 per family per year is due at the time of enrollment/reenrollment. A current membership with HSLDA is also required. Classes are offered at the cost posted for each course on our registration page.


Communication: Our main source of communication is the HCS website. For the protection of our members, we do not publicly advertise our membership information. We also communicate via the online forum for the purpose of sharing information, websites, and encouragement or prayer requests.

Co-Op Classes: In order to encourage communication and fellowship with one another and enhance our child(ren)’s education, we encourage participation in group activities. The planning of activities for HCS is organized by several different coordinators, however the success of our co-op is the result of individual contributions made by each family that attends the co-op. All families are expected to contribute in some way.

Wiregrass Christian Beta Club: To reward academic excellence and promote leadership skills, Havest offers the Wiregrass Christian Beta club to students who have acheived high academic and character standards.

Activities & Special Events: The following is a sampling the activities we try to carry out each year: Mom’s Fellowship Activities, Kick Off Tea, Year End Picnic, Thanksgiving Feast, Epiphany Party, Valentine Party, Geography Fair, Science Fair, Used Curriculum Sale, Curriculum Review Night, Graduation Ceremony, Standardized Achievement Testing, Field Trips, Theater Performances, Farms, Museums, Nursing Home Visitation. All these activities are dependent on family/parent involvement.

S.A.L.T: SALT is our Student Service and Leadership Team. We want our student to be able to give back to our community. SALT is an opportunity for our teens to go into local churches and non-profit organizations and serve, while learning the leadership skills they will need in the future. SALT is dependent on parents who can chaperone and act as drivers to the various locations our students will be serving.