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Who We Are

Welcome and thank you so much for your interest in PCHE. We are here to walk side by side with you throughout your homeschooling journey and help you follow the Lord's leading in your homeschooling endeavors.

PCHE is a homeschooling support group which offers educational and social activities for our homeschooled children, provides parents with support, information, and encouraging fellowship for the homeschooling journey, and promotes Christ-centered, Parent-Directed, Non-Government funded homeschooling.

We are made up of parents actively involved in providing a Christ-centered, quality education for our children, spiritually, morally, and academically. We are teaching our children Christ-like character and godly wisdom. We believe it is the ultimate responsibility of parents to train their children in the ways of God and in the knowledge needed to participate in society according to God's standards. Unless the Lord builds this homeschool support group and the families and individuals in it, we will labor in vain.

The leadership consists of volunteers who are training and educating their children along with being wives and mothers. We encourage the active participation of our members as they contribute to the strength and uniqueness of our group.