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Move on When Ready College Classes & Programs Available to Homeschooled Highschool Students
Lanier Technical College
Learn more about Dual Enrollment opportunities through Lanier Technical College. Through the Move on When Ready Program (MOWR)your Homeschooled student can get Free Funds to obtain college credits while in High school.
Luther Rice College & Seminary
Luther Rice College & Seminary continues to operate on the cutting edge by offering theologically sound, biblically-based, flexible, technologically advanced education to students. If you are juggling work and your studies—our institution is designed for your success.
Tandem Edu
TandemEDU offers teens the opportunity to graduate with a high school diploma and an associate of arts degree using state dual enrollment funds.
Truett McConnell University
Truett McConnell University offers Dual Enrollment courses, both online and on campus, that are taught with a Christian Worldview in a variety of subjects. Through the Dual Enrollment program a high school student can start earning college credit for free. Taking courses at TMU is an excellent way for you to get a head start with college, make new friends and interact with faculty, all while earning high school and college credit!
University of North GA - Dual Enrollment/MOWR
The University of North Georgia is part of the University System of Georgia and is designated as a State Leadership Institution and The Military College of Georgia. With more than 18,000 students, the University of North Georgia is one of the state's largest public universities. The university offers more than 100 programs of study ranging from certificate and associate degrees to professional doctoral programs.
Gwinnett Tech College
Providing dual enrollment opportunities for high school students ages 14 and older. Classes offered on-campus or online; mornings, afternoon, evenings and weekends. Part of the MOWR program and Funding.