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Registration for Arrow

Membership Process


If you are interested in joining Arrow Homeschool Co-op, first read through our Code of Conduct, Modesty Policy, and Statement of Faith (under Policies and Procedures on the left hand side). Explore our website and see if what we offer sounds like a good fit for you and your family. You can request to get on an email list for more information by clicking 'Join'. 

If you had any questions that were not covered on the website, please feel free to email them to us at arrowhomeschoolcoop@gmail.com.


1. Click on the 'Join' (on the left side of the Home page) and fill out your family info. Remember to click ‘add another child’ for each child that will be attending co-op.

Be sure to note what type of enrollment you are hoping to do:

  • *Arrow Field Trip Member $50 per semester
  • **Arrow Thursday Co-op Member, One Session (three periods) $85
  • **Arrow Thursday Co-op Member, Two Sessions (six periods) $170


2. After doing so, your application will be submitted for approval.

Once approved, you can use your username and password for access to our website.

You will need to sign in to your family account, click on the Profile link (top right of website), then click on Statement of Faith, Modesty Policy and then Code of Conduct.

If you have been approved for Thursday classes, Fill in the forms one at a time and submit them.


3. Pay your Registration dues, and your Background Check Fee ($15).

You can use PayPal or you can send a check.


4. Fill out your Background check online or hard copy and send it to the Registrar.


5. Fill out your Member Participation Form, Liability Release Form, and Medical Release Form. Once these are completed, you will be ready to Register your children for classes when registration opens.


Class Registration Priority


Enrollment fills up quickly and will be done in three registration periods, in this priority:


1. Teachers

Teachers donate so much time and effort to help our co-op run smoothly. This is a way that we love to bless them and their families. There are a few prerequisites for teachers. #itpaystoteach

2. Current Members

Current Members in our co-op work in so many facets to carry the load. We are so thankful for them!

3. New Member

New Members bring fresh perspective, gifts and talents. We can’t wait to get to know you more!


Registration Deadlines

All required Payments and Forms need to be completed, and received by the Treasurer and Registrar 5 days prior to your registration.

Once you pick a class, your child is to remain in that class for the remainder of the semester. Changes will be allowed on a case by case basis and only if requested by the teacher or if needed to ensure the best classroom experience for other students.

Our classes will have a max limit of students. This is decided by the teachers and/or classroom size and will be enforced so that all classes will have a fair amount of students. If you are on a waiting list for a class, you may need to pick something else for that child this semester.

*We have several options for enrollment. If you choose to simply stay connected with us through Field trips, mom's nights outs, park days, classifieds, prayer chains and the website, you can pay a nominal fee of $50 per semester to become a Field Trip Member. You will have access to our website, classes and emails as well as an open invitation to all of our events.

**For our weekly co-op classes, we do enrollment by the semester, not the year. Each semester is $85 per session per family. This includes one session of three periods of classes for ALL your kiddos for the whole semester (Fall or Spring). We hold two sessions per co-op day; one session before lunch (three periods) and one session after lunch (three periods). The only classes that will require an additional class fee are those classes in which we have hired professionals (who DO THIS for a profession) to come in and teach a certain class. Classes that fall under this category are Kung Fu, Improv, Guitar and possibly other classes in the future. There are two semesters each year.