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Teacher Application

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Arrow Teachers are the CORE of Arrow. We KNOW that you make or break us! We are SOOOO thankful that you are interested in teaching. As of Summer of 2018, we have a new teacher policy. Teacher's must have been members of Arrow for at least one year before they will be considered as a teacher. The ONLY exceptions are individuals who have known someone in leadership for many years. We take the business of teaching our kiddos very seriously and are doing everything possible to guard their hearts and minds with as much discretion as possible. Thankyou so much for your interest! The following questions are designed to give us additional information about each individual who is teaching classes at Arrow Homeschool Coop. We would like to get to know you further and be better equipped to encourage you while attending and teaching at Arrow. This includes utilizing your help in areas you are most gifted and enjoy serving at your greatest potential. We are not looking for professionals, but rather individuals who are committed and willing to serve with humble hearts all those who attend Arrow. We are looking for individuals who love the Lord, who seek to please Him, honor Him, and bring glory to Him in all that is said and done.

What interest you MOST about teaching at Arrow Homeschool Coop?

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What age groups are you most interested to teach? Please mark one or more:

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Nursery Preschool
Kinder Cuties Early Elementary
Mid Elementary Upper Elementary
Junior High High School

If you marked 'Other' above, please explain:

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What area (s) are you most interested and/or willing to teach? Please mark one or more:

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Language Arts: Writing, Reading, Etc. Speech
Government Entrepreneurship
Health Economics/Finances
Dance Drama
PE Sports
Survival Skills Art/Drawing
Arts & Crafts Spanish
Chinese Chess
Cooking/Baking Technology
Robotics Math
Science History
Worldview Apologetics
Character Development Missions

If you marked 'Other' above, please explain:

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Please mark one or more of the following that best describes your interest:

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Designing your own class content Using an existing curriculum
Partnering with leadership to talk about my ideas Seeing a list of class ideas
Browsing someone else's curriculum Using an existing class idea from former years

If you marked 'Other' above, please explain:

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What life experiences, education, and training do you have that have helped prepare you to teach?

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Briefly describe your teaching style and philosophy (are you eccentric, traditional, structured, charismatic, etc.) How do you like to interact with the students?:

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How would you handle a controversy or a conflict in the class (or an unruly student)?

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What would you say your greatest challenges are if you were in a teaching role and how would you overcome them?

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Just so we can get to know you better, What are some of your personal interests, hobbies, skills, background, etc.

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Review Arrow Homeschool Co-op's Core Values & Statement of Faith. If you find any of them contradictory to what you personally believe and are unable to uphold them in ALL classroom settings, please indicate here:

I wholeheartedly agree with and believe them. I find certain things that I disagree with.