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We are so excited that you are interested in learning more about Arrow. By filling out the information below... you will be added to an email list that receives information about our upcoming semester and how to register for Arrow as a Field Trip (aka Community Connection) member or a Thursday classes member. HOWEVER, you will not be added to the list UNTIL you reach out to us and let us know WHICH of these options you are interested in so we can put you on the proper list. Please contact us at registrar@arrowhomeschoolcoop.com AND arrowhomeschoolcoop@gmail.com to indroduce yourself and give us your preference. We are happy to talk to you via phone or text as well, so just email us your number if that is your preference. 

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You can pay for registration by sending your payment to arrowhomeschoolcoop@gmail.com via PayPal. 

You will need to CONFIRM WITH OUR REGISTRAR WHAT YOU OWE before you are appoved for membership. Do not pay before you have gotten a verbal confirmation from us.