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Arrow's Oganization

This is how we roll:
Academic classes vs. Enrichment classes
Arrow offers Academic classes and Enrichment classes. Enrichment classes allow families looking for extra curricular activities to be able to come without the stress of homework, added costs and too many additional requirements to their week. The Academic classes serve as an alternative to taking certain classes at home or in the community. Several of our Academic Professors are professionals and excel greatly at teaching. We have been very impressed by the quality of the classes offered by these teachers and homeschool mamas.
Arrow meets weekly throughout the school year (roughly September to May) but takes a break from our weekly committment on the last Thursday of each month. In place of having our weekly classes on this week, we will aim to offer a park day or field trip for all members to attend if they feel like. This helps those families who's schedule is quite full and can not commit to a 'once a week' program to have the option of committing to a little less, thereby alleviating our families' schedule to have the 'co-op fellowship' their family desires and the fun classes without the drain of a heavy commitment. The families that like to experience "socialization" and friends EVERY week can attend all the events. These families are able to enjoy both Academic and Enrichment programs with a full schedule as classes permit.
This is how we relax:
Relaxed Atmosphere for busy parents
At Arrow, we firmly believe in parents being able to come and work in their gifting. We are not looking to stress out our parents into teaching or volunteering outside their skill set or giving them non-optional-overbearing-obligations. Our goal is to be able to leave it up to our parents to figure out what is best for them in the area of service but also what is best for the Co-Op. We are looking for 'Volunteers' to help bear the load. If we don't have enough volunteers, we won't have a smooth running program and will adjust accordingly. So, as parents are willing and able, we encourage them to be available when there is a need. But above all, it is a choice. Our hope is to reach out for outside-Volunteer help (from retired-experienced-wise-empty nest-ers) who have a love of serving and a hand for helping in our 'weaker' areas. Our goal being two-fold; first, having our overburdened moms have a greater ability to carry a lesser load at the Co-Op and second, giving a place for these wonderful wise women (and men) to have a place to speak encouragement and a place where they can continue friendships; both old and new.
Snack Shack
We are excited to offer a Snack Shack during our lunch hour! This will help as a weekly fundraiser for our parents and teachers who are on-the-go! The kids are welcome to purchase very reasonable treats for moneys they've scrimpled and saved over the week!  ;D 
We also have complimentary coffee and tea during the morning hours.
This is how you register:
Our website has an amazing layout with class schedules, member's handbook, any and all forms that must be filled out and a members forum where you can communicate, as well as find family contacts in the directory.
Since most of you mom's now-a-days are on Facebook it just makes sense to have a page for our Co-Op...this is where you can post questions, answers, co-op pics, information about High school parties, Mom's night outs,  Snow days...etc...you know the drill...and you'll love it too. *Keep in mind though, that this private page will only be for Co-Op related posts. If you're selling your smells, oils, pink drink or bags *insert, just remember to just make friends with everybody and post from your personal page. This will keep any business outside Co-Op which helps us to keep our Non-Profit status legit. Cool? Cool. :D
This is how we reach:
We Relate:
As homeschooler's, we can all relate to each other in more ways than one! We all know this road is long, hard and not trekked by many; only the most rebellious of types. Well, rebellious might be a strong word, but it goes without saying that most homeschooler's are doing their 'thing' the way they like it and 'ain't no one gonna tell them' how to do their kids, family, school, religious affiliation etc. We all know that these are areas best left for the Lord to guide each family, and only He convicts accordingly. Our aim is to enrich your homeschooling experience; not change anything about how you do life at home. We are here to help you uphold your own family's traditions by not invading. We of course expect each family to adhere to this social tolerance as best is humanly possible.
This is how we regenerate:
Sometimes, in the midst of our harried home lives, we as mom's just need to get out and be encouraged! The best ways to do this are enjoying fellowship outside of ...dare I say...Facebook or church. Sometimes, we just need a real heart to heart, face to face connection with little to no small people distractions. We would encourage you to come to our Mom's Night Out or our local Homeschool Mom's support group, and get in that extra bit you need to keep going. We hope to have lots of mom's with crazy fun ideas to do some crazy fun things together. Think bowling, coffee shops and house parties and maybe even a weekend retreat! We also hope to have a Dad's night out as well for those crazy guys who need a reason to abort their Honey-Do lists in effort to maintain their 'Manly' relationships....think golfing, fishing, bowling, camping, hunting, game nights and whatever they can think they want to do their spare time.
High School adventures:
As always, those kids can't seem to get enough hanging out time with their friends. You can let them know that they are being looked after as well with exciting ideas like game nights, bowling, frisbee-golf, movie nights and maybe a fun Treasure Valley scavenger hunt. We are happy to take ideas where they are concerned!
Center Stage:
Sometimes as homeschooler's it's fun to showcase our kids' talents and abilities. Arrow is not going to be slow on this one, so expect 'Stage' nights where the kids are in the spotlight! Think talent shows, art appreciation night, academic achievement night and graduation! The goal of these nights are to help our kids want to achieve an area of excellence to a point where they have enough confidence in their ability to show the world! Well, moms, dads, siblings, grandparents and friend's anyway. The sky's the limit....let's see them soar!
This is how we raise funds:
Oh boy. The dreaded fundraiser paragraph. Let me help you see it differently....notice the word?....ah! Now you see it... FUNdraisers! Because they should be FUN! We are looking at using our in-house 'snack-shack' as a weekly fundraiser, but look out for some fundraisers that will knock your socks off! Think tee-shirts, auction, tri-tip drive thru dinners, lollipops, gala; Middle and High school students in black and white 'waiting' on tables with snazzy food and table decorations. You will be glad you donated to the cause!
This is how we reconcile:
Disagreements do not have to swell into something more unpleasant. After all, we are all different homeschoolers with different opinions, needs and ideas! We will take our conflicts to the Lord use Matt 18:15-17 to sort out any disagreements we have. Our purpose after all, is to enrich, fulfill and edify one another!
This is how we are real:
Reality check
In the spirit of reality, at Arrow, we understand your need to be real. There are just some days that the kids loose their shoes, or the baby has a blowout just before you head out to Co-Op. Maybe you forgot to pack a lunch the night before or maybe you need to leave and get your family some food. Or your family is not able to make it but your high schooler needs to be dropped of to continue their classes. We are not interested in making you feel harried and hurried. Some days we are on top of our game, and some days we aren't. So, with that said, our hope is that our Co-Op's more 'free-style' will endeavor you to feel at home on 'those days' and come with your hair down and your slippers on. Hopefully you have more 'on' days than off, but we want to let you know that we get. Your life. Your schedule. Your success. With Arrow, we hope you will find a real need met in your life exactly where you're at.

Nothing more. Nothing less.