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Membership for the 2018-2019 school year begins July 16th!  

We are excited to offer many of the same classes and activities we've had in previous years, as well as several new opportunities that we hope you and your students will love.  It is our mission to provide activities that connect homeschool families and enrich their lives.  Many of these activities have a cost, including liability insurance, building costs and other fees.  These costs are what we use to determine our membership fees.  Our membership tiers are subject to change from year to year to meet these costs based on what activities are planned and our experience with previous years' expenses.

For the 2018-19 academic year, Deseret Homeschoolers offers two tiers of membership.  Please note that there may be separate fees for various activites to cover supplies or activity costs.



FULL MEMBERSHIP: $30 annually per family


  • All of the General Membership benefits
  • Full access to Deseret Homeschoolers' website (which includes member directory, forums, family websites, classifieds, and more)
  • Early access to sign-ups
  • Co-Op Classes
  • Field Trips*
  • Educational Classes (i.e. HMNS)*
  • Group Buys*
  • Teen Camp* (Oct. 11-13)
  • Family Activities*
  • Academic Showcase and Talent Show*
  • Holiday Parties
  • Shakespeare Plays
  • Family Camp-out
  • Teacher/Student Identification Cards

* Indicates activities listed under the Full Membership in which those with a Basic Membership may participate by paying a surcharge in addition to the regular activity fee.