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CO-OP Information


Registration for the next session will begin soon.  Specific dates are provided only to members of Deseret Homeschoolers.

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Our co-op meets once a week on Fridays from 10am to noon.  We meet near the Barbara Bush library in Spring, TX.

Each session lasts 5 weeks.

2024-2025 Co-op Dates:

Session 1:  August - September

Session 2:  October - November

Session 3:  January - March

Session 4:  March - May

Parents are expected to be present during the Co-op time and volunteer in some form or another.

Classes & Fees

Class Information

Co-op is 2 hours long, with the classes meant to enrich your curriculum you are doing at home, not replace it.

Our goal is to provide more educational classes the first hour such as; science, history, debate, or writing. The second hour will be geared toward creative classes such as art, music, or STEM.

Fees Per Session

Participation fee is $20 per child MAX $60 per family

$6 material fee per child, no max

Volunteer Requirements

A co-op is a cooperative effort led by parents, and its success or failure rests squarely on all of our shoulders. 

Each family will be required to teach 2 classes during the course of the year. This will not cover all of the classes taught so many parents will be teaching more than 2 classes during the year. 

Other expectations:

Assisting in classes when you are not teaching.

Assisting the kids and monitoring the halls between classes.

After Co-op

After classes are over, everyone is invited to meet at Collins Park for lunch and to let the kids play. Parents also enjoy having time to meet and get to know each other. Time at the park is completely unstructured and parents are responsible for their own children. 

We are working with the Library near Collins Park to provide extra circular activities after lunch and play.

How to Sign Up

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'Deseret has blessed our family for the past decade. We have enjoyed activities from park days to toddlers to camp for my teenagers. So grateful for the friends that my children and I have made through this wonderful community.' - Marissa Sutherland

'We loved our first year of Co-op! There was a wide range of class topics, and my kids loved making friends and learning in a relaxed group setting.' - Jennie Compton

'My teenagers enjoyed the Shakespeare play as well as classes with other teens. I love taking turns teaching small groups of kids or helping out in their classes.' - Leilani Jensen

'I did not know the first thing about homeschooling but I found great support in the Co-op. I met friends who shared in my frustrations, and others who have homeschooled from the very beginning who were supportive and helpful.' - Kaylyn Backus