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Treasures of Grace Handbook

(Updated 3/1/24)

Table of Contents

1. General Information  6. Co-op Day
2. Membership Requirements 7. Financial Policies
3. Participation & Attendance 8. Purchases & Reimbursements
4. Security and Safety 9. Board of Directors
5. Classroom Behavior 10. Opportunities for Feedback


General Information

The mission of Treasures of Grace Educational Home School Association (TOG) is to support the member homeschooling families through friendship development, encouragement, and prayer; and to provide an opportunity for students to explore subjects which are best experienced in a group setting.  

Statement of Faith:
The Bible:  We believe the Bible, all sixty-six Books of the Old and New Testaments, to be the inspired Word of God, in all parts and without error. As such, it is the primary authority and guide in our lives in matters of belief and life. (2 Timothy 3:16; 2 Peter 1:21)

The Trinity:  We believe in the One True God who exists eternally as three persons; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. (Deuteronomy 6:4; Matthew 28:19)

The Father:  We believe that God, the Father, sent His Son to redeem us from the bondage of sin so that we might receive adoption as sons, and so that all who receive His Son may call Him, “Abba, Father” for all of eternity. (Romans 8:15; Galatians 4:4-6; Ephesians 1:3-6)

The Son:  We believe in Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, who through His virgin birth, lived a sinless life, and became the propitiation for our sins through his death and bodily resurrection; who ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of God in His present ministry as the Great High Priest, and who is coming again. (Matthew 1:18-25; Philippians 2:5-8; Luke 24)

The Holy Spirit:  We believe in the Holy Spirit and His work to convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment. We believe that He indwells and seals the believer at the moment of regeneration, and that He produces the fruits of the Spirit and empowers believers to walk in Christ. (John 14:16-17; John 16:7-14)

Man:  We believe that Man is made in the image of God, is born with a sin nature, and remains dead in his sins, and is need of a Savior. (Genesis 1:17; Romans 3:23)

Salvation:  It is through the Savior, Jesus Christ, that eternal salvation, by grace alone, can be received by man as a gift from God through personal faith in Jesus Christ and His finished work. We believe that all who receive the Spirit through faith in Christ are assured of their salvation for eternity. (Ephesians 2:4-9; Romans 5:6-9; John 5:24)

The Great Commission:  We believe that as followers of Jesus Christ, our primary purpose is to make Jesus known to the world, disciple believers, and to glorify Him in every aspect of our lives. (Matthew 28:18-19; Acts 1:8; Colossians 3:17)

Marriage and Sexuality:  We believe God created human beings in two sexes: male and female, and that they are of equal value, moral worth, and significant in the sight of God. We believe that each person’s sex is determined by his/ her biology at birth/conception, and that a person’s sex cannot and does not change. We believe that while rare biological abnormalities exist, such abnormalities are a result of the Fall and do not require the recognition of additional categories of a person beyond male or female. We believe in the sanctity of marriage as instituted by the God of the Bible and that marriage is only between one man and one woman. (Genesis 2:20-24; Matthew 19:4-6; Ephesians 5:31)

Worship Music:  We conscientiously choose music for our worship time that exalts God, leads our thoughts to Him rather than to ourselves, points us back to scripture, and aligns with our statements of faith. (Psalm 96:1; Acts 5:38-39)

Conflict Resolution: We believe God has designed and provided principles that help us address conflicts within our organization in a manner that leads to healthy and more fruitful interactions. These principles allow reconciliation and resolution of conflicts to occur. If an offense does occur, the offended party should first approach the other individual privately with a heart of humility and a goal toward restoration. If the other person sincerely apologizes, the conflict has been resolved. In everything, we are to love each other and forgive as the Lord forgave us. If there is no resolution between the two individuals, then the matter should be brought to Leadership for mediation. Our co-op is made up of wonderfully unique individuals and families. We respect different parenting styles and honor parental authority. (Matthew 18:1517; I Peter 4:8; Ephesians 4:32; Exodus 20:12)

General Schedule:
Treasures of Grace holds co-op mornings every other week, September through April, with an extended break during the month of December. Additional events planned by our parents such as field trips, outdoor days, clubs, etc. are scheduled during off weeks.  Our co-op mornings run from 8:45 to 12:30 followed by community lunch. (Each family packs their own lunch). We do at times offer elective courses or clubs after lunch from 1:00 to 2:00. The leadership team plans Fall & Spring Family Picnics, a one day Mom retreat and the end of year Spring Picnic (please see our online calendar for specific dates).

We meet at Lancaster Alliance Church, 210 Pitney Road, Lancaster, PA 17601


Membership Requirements
All families must apply and be approved by the Leadership Team for membership.  The application includes submitting a background check and agreeing to the TOG Statement of Faith. Application does not guarantee membership. Membership in Treasures of Grace can be terminated at any time by a unanimous decision of the Leadership Team and without cause.

One parent from each member family is required to teach (Lead Teacher) or help (Teacher Aide) in a class.  Leadership Team members of the Co-op may be excused from teaching duties depending upon the requirements of the office.  Moms who have an infant or have adopted or are doing foster care are given preference for Nursery duty the semester they have their child.  New Moms are given Teacher Aide preference the first year that they join the Co-op. Other extenuating circumstances will be considered by the Leadership Team on a case- by-case basis.

Teacher Expectations and Responsibilities:
Each lead teacher (s) will provide the following items:

  • Class Description: A brief description of what your class will be studying/learning and the curriculum/resources you plan to use.
  • Supplies List: A detailed list of any specialized supplies needed for your class including the cost per item. The best way to do this is to create a shared list on Amazon with the Purchaser. Leadership will determine if the supplies fall under the TOG budget or if the students will need to pay additional fees or purchase the supplies themselves.
  • The Class Description and Supplies List are both due by May 1st.
  • Lesson Plan Outline: A basic outline of the lessons you will be teaching. More detailed lessons will need to be provided for a substitute if you are unable to teach a class at some point throughout the year. Email to toghomeschool@gmail.com.
  • Class letter: Compose a short letter to your class families to introduce yourself and provide any additional information/details about your class beyond the description. This gives an opportunity for moms to share any pertinent information about their students back with you and provides our families with some insight into what their child will be doing for the year. These can be posted directly to your class forum through the Instructor Dashboard.
  • Class updates: Post updates, recaps and/or assignments from your class directly to your class forum through the Instructor Dashboard. This is a great way to let our families know what the students are learning and doing in their classes each week. These do not need to be lengthy and can include fun stories of your time with the students. If help is needed posting on the forum please contact the TOG Webmaster.

Lesson Plan Outline Submission Procedure
Copies of lesson plan outlines from the Lead Teacher are due at Orientation in August.  *Teachers will not present any material that contradicts our Statement of Faith.


Participation and Attendance

Co-op Mornings:
All families are expected to attend & participate in every Co-op week.  Prompt arrival and remaining through scheduled clean-up times are expected.  More than 2 absences per year are discouraged.  If you have a medical or family situation that arises, please discuss your need for additional absences with the Morning Supervisor. Since we are a parent run organization, long-term absences affect many people in our co-op and need to be carefully managed.  

Field Trips, Outdoor Days, Clubs:
All families are strongly encouraged to attend the events planned by our families outside of co-op mornings. The purpose of these events is to allow our children to explore and learn together in an off-campus environment, and to give them opportunities to enjoy cultivating friendships. Only interacting with their friends every other week on co-op mornings is not enough to build strong relationships.

Sickness Policy:
In order to attend classes, your child/children should be fever-free for 24 hours, any fluid from the nose should be clear, and coughing should be minimal. On a case-by-case basis and if we do not have several families absent, if your little one(s) are ill, your Middle School or High School child(ren) may attend Co-op with another Co-op Mom, who will assume responsibility for your child(ren) in accordance with all Co-op policies and procedures. This must be approved by both Co-Directors, who will ensure we have enough moms to accommodate this consideration.

Last-minute Absence/ Substitutes Policy:
If you are unable to attend co-op, please text the Co-Directors, Kaddie Hollinger (717-413-8400) and Jennifer Clough (717-575-5513) and all of your Co-Teachers as early as possible, and no later than the night before Co-op.  

Late Policy:
Please make every effort to be on time on co-op mornings. Your role at co-op is crucial to the morning running smoothly for everyone. If there are circumstances out of your control causing you to be late, please text the Co-Directors, Kaddie Hollinger (717-413-8400) and Jennifer Clough (717-575-5513) and your Co-Teachers.
Maternity/ Adoption Leave of Absence Policy
If you are having a baby or adopting a child, you may send your Middle School or High School child(ren) to Co-op with another Co-op Mom or with your spouse, grandmother, or another female friend or family member, who have their clearances and can provide them to the Morning Supervisors. They will not be permitted to stay without their clearances.

Inclement Weather Policy
Cancellations: Co-op will be cancelled due to inclement weather based on the Conestoga Valley School District cancellation of schools.

Delays: We will plan to continue to meet at the regular time despite any school districts’ delays, unless the Co-Directors determine that it would be unsafe for our families to travel. If we meet, it will be up to each individual family to determine if they can make it, or will be late ---please contact the Co-Directors if this is the case. In this event, it is understood that the morning schedule may change or classes may be shortened.

Notification of Cancellations/ Delays:  The Co-Directors will send out group texts to notify families of cancellations or delays. Please let the Co-Directors know if you are not able to receive group texts. It will also be on our website. Field Trips:  If inclement weather is a concern, you will be notified by text of any changes or cancellations.

Outside Visitor Policy
Co-op mornings are for our member community. Our children are learning and connecting with consistent friends. Our parents are filling their various roles so vital to the successful function of our co-op. Yet, occasionally there may be Strangers Among Us.

Outside Teachers - A teacher who will be be interacting with our students for the year or just a semester, and may potentially be alone with the a class must have their clearances on file with our co-op. (Child Abuse Check, Criminal History Check & FBI Fingerprint)

Special Speakers - A person who is only coming to speak to a class once or twice does not need to submit clearances. They are the responsibility and should always be in the presence of the teacher who invited them to speak. They should not be able to freely move about the church building, but are escorted to and from the classroom. 

Children - Additional children are only permitted on a case by case, extremely limited basis. A request must be submitted to leadership prior to the co-op morning of their possible attendance. If permission is given for a child 4th grade and under, they must stay with the mom making the request and that mom must still be able to fulfill her co-op morning role while watching the child. If permission is given for a child 5th grade and up, they may go into the the classroom that aligns with their age. Regardless of the child's age, a liability form and classroom behavior form must be signed off by the child's parents and given to the Morning Supervisor.



Security and Safety

*The safety of our families is paramount. The South Entrance Doors to the building must be locked at all times when unmonitored. Do not prop the door open for any period of time. Please report anything out of the ordinary such as unknown individuals to the Morning Supervisors immediately.

Background Checks/Clearances: 
All adult volunteers are required to have a child abuse clearance, PA criminal history clearance, and an FBI Fingerprint check or a Statement of Residency. These are all required to be updated once every 60 months.  If dads or grandparents wish to help in class or substitute, they are required to submit clearances as well.  TOG will accept a copy of a background check done elsewhere. 

Outdoor Gym/ Playtime Policy:
1. There must be at least 2 adults outside with the children at all times.
2.  Children should not use sticks for sword-fighting play.
3.  No wrestling or rough play at Co-op.
4.  The children must play within the boundaries given. They should not be out of eyesight.  
5. Remember to take the Attendance Clipboard with you outside. Take attendance when lining up to come back inside.

Outdoor Gym/ Playtime Procedure:
1. The exterior doors lock automatically. A monitor is stationed by the door you will let you back in as needed.
2. Take a Cell Phone outside (Please make sure both Morning Supervisors, the Door Monitor and your Co- Teachers are contacts in your phone.)
3. If the Door Monitor has stepped away for a moment, text her to let her know you are outside. DO NOT prop the doors open upon exiting the building.

If you see a suspicious person, please get the children into the building immediately, make sure the doors are locked and call a Morning Supervisor.  If you do not have time to get the children into the building, one Teacher should call 911 while the other Teacher must gather the children together at a “safer place” at the discretion of the Teachers, and then call a Morning Supervisor. The Morning Supervisor(s) will assess the situation and make a plan.

Restroom Policy:
Only adult females (18 or older) may take children to the restroom, unless it is the older Sibling or Father of the child (no men ever in the girls' restroom). Parents are encouraged to take their child to the restroom before Co-op begins and should ensure that their child is dry before
signing them into class. Teachers should have assigned restroom breaks during the morning to decrease the need for individual children to go during planned activities. 

Restroom Procedure:
If a child needs to use the restroom during free play or a planned activity, one adult female should take the child to the restroom. If there are only two Teachers in the classroom, the remaining Teacher should either leave the classroom door open or call a Morning Supervisor for assistance. There must be an adult female in the classroom at all times.

The Teacher taking the child to the restroom should allow the child to enter the restroom on his/her own as the Teacher stands “in the door”, keeping the door slightly open for audible monitoring of the child, but allowing the child privacy to use the restroom. The Teacher should provide “limited assistance”. Help the child as needed with a belt, getting the toilet paper, or turning the water on and off. Do not offer to do anything for the child he/she is able to do for himself/herself. Do your best to encourage the child to wipe himself/herself. There should never be more than one child in a restroom stall at a time.
* Never close yourself in the restroom with a child!
* It is okay to enter the restroom to assist a child with washing his/her hands, but be sure to leave the door wide open.
* Adults should use the designated restrooms nearest the Mom Snack Room, or else ensure no children are in a restroom in any other part of the building before use.

Restroom Use for Elementary – High School:
Children in grades 3-12 are encouraged to use the restroom during planned breaks. They may be permitted to be excused from class ONE at a time to use the restroom if needed. They must return immediately to class after using the restroom.

Diapering Policy:
All diapering must be done by an adult female (18 or older), unless it is the older Sibling or the Father of the child, and must be done in plain sight of all adults. Please use the diapers/wipes that have been provided for that child in that child’s diaper bag. Place the soiled diaper in a bag, tie the bag, and place in wastebasket. Wash hands after every diaper change.

Classroom Behavior Policy
We strive to provide an atmosphere that supports learning and fellowship. To that end, the expectations set forth for classroom behavior will be adhered to and supported by member families and their child(ren). Parents, discuss these with your child(ren) before attending Co-op.

1. Children will be respectful of others (students and Teachers alike) in word and action; respectful of property (our host church, Co-op resources, and
    that of others); and respectful of themselves.
2. Children will adhere to classroom expectations as set forth by the Teachers.
3. Children must remain in their assigned classroom. The Teacher Aide will follow the procedure as outlined below for contacting a Morning Supervisor
    should a child leave the classroom.
4. Children are not permitted to use cell phones (see “Technology”).

If a child leaves his/her class without permission, a Teacher Aide will follow the child and a Morning Supervisor will be called.  The Morning Supervisor will intervene in the situation, allowing the Teacher Aide to return to her class. The Morning Supervisor will assess the situation and make the determination if the child’s parent needs to be present, or if they can work with the child to help them back to their class. The mom of the child will be notified either way, either at the end of co-op or through communication from the Morning Supervisor.

Parents, for the safety of all the children, please let your child(ren) know that they are not to leave their classes to find you during the co-op morning.  All children must be under the supervision of an adult at all times during co-op. If you know that your child is struggling and needs you at times during the co-op mornings, please communicate that to the child’s Teachers and the Morning Supervisors.  We prefer that all children be in their assigned classes. However, we understand that different children struggle at different times and will at times need their mom. The Morning Supervisors will help make a plan with you and the Teachers in the classroom to help your child.

Student Discipline Policy:
Teachers are encouraged to use a gentle manner with the children, while emphasizing respect for others, property, and themselves. When applicable, a Teacher Aide should take a disruptive child aside and remind him/ her of respecting others, property, and themselves. A child may be removed from an activity if he/she continues to be disruptive. Please call a Morning Supervisor if a child must be removed from the class. The Morning Supervisor will bring the child to his/her Mom, speak with the Mom about the incident, and a plan will be made for the immediate
morning and future Co-op mornings.

If a child is physically aggressive toward a Teacher or another child, the child will gently be removed from the classroom.  A Morning Supervisor will be notified, who will locate the mom to help with the situation. A child will not be permitted back in the classroom until the Morning Supervisor assesses the situation and determines that the child has been able to calm down and is safe to be around others.  If a Teacher is unable to remove a child safely, the Teacher Aide(s) will take the other children to the gym while the Morning Supervisor, the Lead Teacher, and the Mom work with the child and make a plan. 

Student Injury Procedure:
We strive to provide a safe and nurturing atmosphere for all children. However, no matter what we do, children will get hurt. On the occasion a child is hurt, please contact the Morning Supervisor who will contact the child’s mother immediately regardless of how insignificant the injury may appear. If the injury was caused by another child, please do not mention the other child’s name.

PLEASE NOTE: For the well-being of all children at TOG, we are unable to accommodate children who are repeatedly physically aggressive towards others during Co-op. Lead Teachers and Teacher Assistants are responsible to let the morning supervisor know if they observe a pattern of aggressiveness in any of our students. We will make every effort to help all children feel safe in their environment, including the child who is physically aggressive. Leadership will work with parents to help make a plan as needed for children succeed at TOG.

Dress Code Policy:
Our goal is to encourage modesty in our community and avoid drawing attention to the individual's physical presentation. Any questionable clothing will be addressed by Leadership with the student and parent. 
- No tank tops (i.e. razor back, spaghetti straps)
- No undergarments should be seen
- No midriff-bearing attire
- Clothing may not advertise drugs, alcohol, or offensive statements
- The length requirement for shorts is 12" from waist to hem
- Skirts should be fingertip length
- Leggings must be worn with shirts that fall below the hip area and cover the front and back
- All clothing should be appropriate to the biological sex of the child.

Romantic Public Display of Affection Policy:
Parents are encouraged to remind their children that there will be no acceptable romantic public displays of affection at Co-op. This includes hand-holding, hugging (front and side), kissing, etc.

Technology Policy:
Because each child always has a parent or adult who is responsible for them while in attendance at Co-op, there is no need for any child to have a phone, tablet or the like during Co-op hours. If a device is found on a child (whether they are using it or not), that is not being used for their current class, it will be taken and given to that child’s parent, with a reminder of the policy. If devices/laptops are part of a class, they should only be used upon instruction from the teacher.

Co-op Day Procedures

Adherence to the procedures for Arrival and Departure ensure a smooth Co-op Morning for all. Please familiarize yourself with these before the first day of Co-op.

Arrival Procedure:
1. Attendance Monitors, Nursery, 2's and 3's Teachers should arrive no later than 8:30. All others should arrive by 8:45.
2. Families with students in 4th grade and below may park in South Parking Lot. All others should park in the Front Parking Lot. Enter at the South Entrance.
3. Drop Nursery through age 3 students in their classrooms.
4. Drop students age 4 through 4th grade in the Theater – classes will be seated by rows. Students are expected to sit with their classes – no wandering or running around.
5. Students in the 4’s and 5’s can drop their backpacks and coats in their class bin at the end of their row. Students in Primary through 4th grade should keep their backpacks with them and drop their coats in their class bins at the end of their row.
6. Middle School and High School students should report to the Youth Room (LL9). Backpacks and coats need to be kept with them throughout the morning.
7. Moms report to your Classroom/Assigned area.

Departure Procedure:
1. Teachers should tidy their rooms, return supplies to their appropriate location, turn off all lights, remove the TOG classroom sign outside your class door, and close the door before going to the Theater. This includes pushing chairs in around tables and cleaning up any spills. As we look to establish  rapport with our host church, we want to leave each space in the condition it was received, if not better.
2. Students age 4 through 5th grade will report to the Theater with their Teachers at 12:30pm (bring attendance clipboards!) and will sit with their classes in their assigned row until picked up by their Mom. Place the TOG classroom sign on the round table at the back of the Theater.
3. Attendance Monitors should stay with their classes until all students are picked up – your own students may join you in the Theater but need to be seated.
4. Moms NOT in the Nursery, 2's, 3's or serving as an Attendance Monitor in the Theater should immediately sign out and pick up their children Nursery through age 3 before continuing to the Theater to pick up students ages 4 through 5th grade.
5. All students, Nursery through 5th grade must be picked up from the Theater by Mom. *Once students are signed out, they are under Mom’s supervision and should not wander freely throughout the building or in the Gym, or be outside without their Mom.
6. Middle School and High School students will be dismissed from their last class block. They should either exit the building and head right to the grassy area beyond the South Parking Lot for Lunch. Please refrain from horse play and rowdy games!
7. Upon retrieving all of your children & their belongings, each family should IMMEDIATELY EXIT the building via the South Entrance.
*Please refrain from congregating and conversing inside the building so those in charge of clean-up can complete their responsibilities.

Lunch Time Policy:
All families are encouraged to stay for a picnic lunch in the grassy area beyond the South Parking Lot, weather permitting. All personal belongings should be gathered before lunch. In the case of inclement or cold weather, the gym will be opened for lunch. The Morning Supervisor will decide each co-op where lunch is to take place. All families must gather in the determined lunch location or vacate the church premises to eliminate children running back and forth to multiple lunch groups.

Lunch Time Procedure:
1. Before exiting the building, please use the bathroom facilities and gather all of your belongings.
2. Do not congregate inside the building – exit immediately and save conversations for the parking lot or lunch time.
3. The bathrooms across from the Mom Snack Room are available until clean up is complete and the doors are locked. Students 4th grade and under should be accompanied by an adult to use the bathroom. No students are permitted to roam throughout the building or to be in the gym if lunch is being held outside..
4. Once clean up is complete, the doors will be locked and there will be no re-entry.

Financial Policies
A folder containing Reimbursement Forms and a payment collection box will be placed at the Mom’s Snack Area for monetary transactions. All payments and reimbursement requests should be put directly into the payment collection box.

Enrollment fees will be evaluated and posted every March for the following year. These fees are non-refundable, and if a family decides to leave mid-year, they will not be pro-rated.

New Families: A $50 non-refundable application fee will be paid once you are approved for membership in Treasures of Grace. Remaining co-op dues of $150 and any class/supply fees will be paid by July 1st. Early payment is always appreciated. Any payments submitted after July 1st will be subject to a $25 late fee.

Re-enrolling Families: A $50 non-refundable deposit is due with re-enrollment process in March. Remaining co-op dues of $150 and any class/supply fees will be paid by July 1st. Early payment is always appreciated. Any payments submitted after July 1st will be subject to a $25 late fee.      

Other Costs:
- Field Trip & Social costs are extra. Information will be provided throughout the year.  
- Glockenspiels and Recorder if needed for Music classes (1st-2nd graders).
- Elementary through Secondary may have a cost associated to chosen electives with an outside Teacher.
- Secondary may have a cost associated with a specialized course requiring an outside Teacher.

Event Costs:
Payments pertaining to specific events will be due two Co-op weeks prior to the event.
1. Picnics
2. Field Trips
3. Mom’s Retreat

Check Payments - If paying by check, it should be made out to  Treasures of Grace and dropped in the payment collection bin in the Mom Snack Room, no envelope necessary, on co-op mornings.

Cash Payments - If paying by cash, seal your payment in an envelope (some are provided at the collection bin). On the outside of the envelope, write your name, reason for payment, and the total amount. Put your completed envelope in the payment collection bin in the Mom Snack Room.

Online Payments - Payments may be made online through a member's account via credit card. Online payments are subject to a 3% percent processing fee which is collected by a third party payment company. The processing fee is non-refundable.

Withdrawals and Cancellations:
If a family withdraws after initially applying or re-enrolling but before July 1st, they will not receive a refund of their application/re-enrollment fee ($50). However, they will not be responsible to pay the remaining co-op dues of $150 or any class/supply fees.

If a family withdraws after July 1st, they will not receive any refunds. This includes the application/re-enrollment fee ($50), co-op dues ($150) and any class/supply fees.

If a family signs up for a Field Trip or event and cancels, they are responsible for any fees associated with with the trip or event and will not be refunded. Families needing to cancel from a field trip are encouraged to find another family to take their place. The two families will need to work out the finances between themselves.

Purchases and Reimbursements
TOG will supply each classroom with general classroom supplies (scissors, crayons, glue, paper towels, hand sanitizer, etc.) Additional supplies may be requested from the Purchaser.

Classroom Supply Purchasing & Reimbursement Procedures: 
1. TOG Leadership Team will maintain an inventory list of general supplies, and will designate a person or several people to make purchases as needed.
2. The Purchaser or other designated person is responsible for making purchases as needed for each class and staying within the approved purchase amount.
3. The Lead Teacher is responsible for communicating the needs for their class prior to the start of Co-op in September & mid-year.
4. If additional supplies are needed throughout the year, the Lead Teacher will get prior authorization from the Treasurer. In order to be good stewards of the co-op's finances, it is important for teachers to plan ahead for purchases with a thorough supply list.
5. The Treasurer will approve purchases based upon the Co-op budget set for the year.
6. Email the purchase request to the Treasurer, and include:
     1. Name of class
     2. Items purchasing
     3. Where items will be purchased
     4. Cost of items
7. The Treasurer will decide if the Lead Teacher or Purchaser will make the purchase.
8. If it's decided that the Lead Teacher is to make the purchases:
       - Shop as if purchasing for your own family
       - Shop where teacher discounts are given
       - Use Coupons
9. Regardless of who makes the purchases, a Reimbursement Request Form should be submitted to the Treasurer, with all receipts attached. Photocopies of receipts are fine. Please copy your receipts if you would like to keep them - receipts will not be returned. Put the completed reimbursement form in the payment collection box. Blank reimbursement forms can be found in the TOG file box in the Mom Snack Room or printed from the "About" section on our website.
9. The Treasurer will attempt to fulfill the Reimbursement Request within a month from its receipt.

Board of Directors (“Leadership Team”)      
Treasures of Grace (TOG) is managed by a Board of Directors, also known as the Leadership Team. The Board is responsible for maintaining the overall policies and direction of Treasures of Grace. The Board appoints Officers to run Treasures of Grace, who are usually Board Members.

In the event of a vacancy on the Board, new Board Members are nominated and elected by the current Board.  Members serve a term of 1-3 years. Board Members have the option of serving another term immediately after their last term is finished.  For additional details, please see the By-Laws.

Current Officer Positions and Responsibilities are:
1. Co-Director (Chair) & Morning Supervisor: Kaddie Hollinger
- The Co-Director/ Chair is responsible for convening regularly scheduled Board meetings, assigning Teachers (Lead and Aide), and creating the schedule and calendar.
- The Morning Supervisors oversee class mornings and work together to handle absences and substitutes, rearranging the morning schedule as needed.

2. Co-Director, Morning Supervisor & Treasurer: Jennifer Clough
- The Co-Director is responsible for revising Co-op policies and procedures as needed, ensuring Co-op policy adherence, and handling outside teacher agreements.
- The Morning Supervisors oversee class mornings and work together to handle absences and substitutes, rearranging the morning schedule as needed.
- The Treasurer is responsible for making a financial report at each Board meeting, preparing the annual budget, helping develop fundraising plans, and making financial information available to Board members and the public.

3. Communications Secretary & Purchaser:  Shandra Davis
- The Communications Secretary is responsible for maintaining the TOG website, getting all pertinent information on the website, and publishing content in the CHALC Newsletter, The SCRAWLS.
- The Purchaser is responsible for buying general supplies as needed for the Co-op at large and for communicating with teachers to acquire supplies needed for specific classes.

4. Recording Secretary: April Horst
- The Recording Secretary is responsible for keeping records of Board actions, including overseeing the taking and distribution of minutes at all Board meetings, assuring that corporate records are maintained, and collecting/ updating clearances for members, outside teachers, and visitors.


Opportunities for Feedback
TOG Leadership Team values your input.  There are several ways you can give us feedback:

1. Annual Survey - Given in November each year
2. Email Communication - toghomeschool@gmail.com
3. Speak with us Directly - Please direct your comments or suggestions to a Morning Supervisor