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Tutor Bios

PHY-ED - Coming Soon

Finalizing the process for the new phy-ed tutor, to be announced soon!

Students ages 5-15 will get to partake in phy-ed, but only if they are properly dressed - gym/tennis shoes, and an appropriate jacket etc if it's not raining or snowing.  Fresh air is a goal in phy-ed!  



"Hey y’all! I’m Dottie Lanier. I am blessed with an amazing family. My husband and I have been married since 2003 and have 5 kids that always keep us laughing and busy! I taught first grade in the public school system for 6 and half years. I have enjoyed teaching in every co-op we’ve joined-from book clubs to art to writing and science. I am married to a Children’s Pastor, so I have the privilege of serving alongside him at our church. God instills a great curiosity and imagination in children that I love to see in action. As I use STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) challenges with the students this year, my goal is that they develop their problem solving skills while using creativity, imagination, and team work to solve real world challenges."


Sandy Adler attended Riverdale Community College in Austin, MN to pursue an AA degree in Fine Arts, Minneapolis Community and Technical College for an AA in Graphic/Commercial Design, and Crown College for a B.A. in Christian Education. She is currently a practicing and accomplished artist in both fine arts and graphic design. She is the Director of Marketing, Advertising and Promotion as well as Vice President of Heart of the City Ministries, a non-profit organization led by Sandy and her husband for the purpose of bringing racial and denominational unity to the Body of Christ in the Twin Cities area. Her paintings in oil pastel have been featured in businesses and ministries in the Twin Cities area. She has been teaching art since 2001 in area home school academies and co-ops as well as after school enrichment programs in the local school districts, with over 160 students per year during the 2008-17 school years. In 2006 Sandy won a grant through the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council to bring her oil pastels class into a select group of inner-city schools, in order to provide supplies and instruction to students living at or below poverty level. She has also implemented art programs by providing curriculum, supplies and instruction to impoverished communities in third world countries through three mission trips.

An 11-year home school veteran herself, Sandy’s passion is to make art instruction engaging and inspiring for students of all levels, to introduce students to the sheer joy of art even as they learn advanced techniques, and to help them truly learn to “see” the beauty of God’s world around them as they learn art basics and secrets that hone their own skills and abilities as young artists.


CARDINALS - Coming Soon!  (ages appx 5-6 years)


HANNAH SCHWARZ - Tutoring the BlueJays and/or Robins (roughly ages 2-5 depending on the year)

Hannah Schwarz is a Wings graduate (when she turned 15) and in 2014 participated in the MACHE Commencement as she graduated from Schwarz Homeschool Academy (high school).  She began teaching preschool at Wings as a co-teacher in 2011, and has been the lead teacher since 2012. She has two younger brothers, Nick and Nathan, and learned to babysit and teach through working with them and her mom.  She also has been teaching in the 2's classroom since 2007 on Sundays with her mom, and in 2016 kept at it as her mom retired.  She also began teaching a 4-6 year old class at another co-op in 2017.  In addition to teaching, she has many nanny families she cares for, as well as housecleaning, housesitting, and gardening clients.  She was an Explorer with the St Michael Fire Department for 6 years, "retiring" at age 21.  In her free time, Hannah enjoys social gatherings and her Bible study group, attending Christian conferences, watching movies and playing Monopoly Deal (and many other games!).  You can also find her at the soccer field watching her brother Nathan, and gardening around the yard at home.  She's thrilled that her schedule for the coming year allows her to teach in our preschool once again. 



Sparrows (the youngest age group in our Younger Classes, roughly ages 6 months thru the 2nd year)