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Mrs. Penny Catanzaro To All Instructors

After globe-trotting throughout her childhood, Penny settled in Mankato, MN (yes, you do recognize that name from Little House on the Praire) where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Recreation with an emphasis in Therapeutic.  Following graduation, Penny moved to Cincinnati for a postition at Drake Center.

Penny and her husband, David, have five children.  During her homeschool adventure, Penny has had the opportunity to teach memory work classes, English grammar classes, and writing classes with Classical Conversations, as well as tutor reading as she is a certified Orton-Gillingham reading instructor.  She loves to unlock the doors of grammar and writing for students, and to see the joy in their eyes as they gain understanding.  Penny's passion for language carries over into the classroom and kids naturally "catch the bug" and begin looking at language in a new way.

Current Classes
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