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Financial Policy

Financial Agreement

Divine Mercy Homeschool Co-op has been blessed with tremendous instructors, who invest countless hours of their time, energy, talents, and personal funds to prepare for and conduct outstanding classes for our children.  It is out of justice to and respect for them that we ask you to adhere to these stipulations.

All payments must be processed through Homeschool-Life for accounting purposes.

1.  Immediate payment of the registration fee, deposit, AND material fees is required, OR my child will be removed from classes.  These fees are not refundable unless the class is cancelled. 

2.  DMHC allows the option of payment in full by June 1, or two installments due on June 1 and September 1.

3.  If my first installment is not paid on or before June 1, I understand that my child will be moved to the wait list for their class(es) until payment is made.  If the course is full, my child may not be enrolled, and I will forfeit the deposit and material fee (if any).

4.  No refunds for Pre-K through 8th grade courses will be made after August 15.

5.  Refunds for high school level courses will be given if a request is communicated in writing to the instructor before the start of the third class.  The instructor will retain the deposit and material fees, and I will receive an 80% refund of the class fee.

6.  If payment is not received in full by September 1, my child will not be admitted to class and a 10% late fee will be applied.  My child will not be admitted to class until the payment (including the late fee) is made.