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Dear DMHC Families,

Please remember that DMHC is a non-profit corporation, not a school.   What we do have are families coming together of their own free will to help each other in homeschooling their children.  This free association of individuals is heavily dependent on each member's cooperation and collaboration. 

We cannot write a single policy to address all the possible scenarios and individual circumstances that may arise.

DMHC will endeavor to be flexible and charitable, and we ask the same charitable approach from all co-op members and instructors.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.  

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

Divine Mercy of Jesus, we trust in You!

The DMHC Board


The following guidelines are for the purposes of safety, respect for our host facility, and optimizing our learning environment. We are renting this facility from St. Andrew Church and they have expectations for how we treat their property. These expectations include the following:

  1. ALL children must have a parent ON SITE who is responsible for them at ALL times, except High School students.  If a parent needs to leave campus for any reason, they must secure the permission of another parent to watch their children while they are gone, and must leave that other parent's name on a clipboard with the front door monitor.  This practice is for occasional use only.

  2. Weapons of any kind, including knives, are not permitted on campus.  Students may be suspended or expelled for weapon possession. Students removed for this violation will forfeit all class fees.

  3. We are a drug-free environment with a zero-tolerance policy. Students found to have substances anywhere on campus, including but not limited to illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco or vaping, will be immediately removed from any further classes, in addition to facing any possible legal consequences. Students removed for this violation will forfeit all class fees.

  4. Adults and children MUST use the crosswalk if you are crossing Main St.

  5. Balls, disks, wheeled toys, etc., MUST be kept away from the church and school buildings. Keep children out of the flower beds and the Mary Grotto. No sidewalk chalk is permitted on campus. Keep students and equipment off of the church building and ramp.

  6. The cost of any repair for damage to the facility or equipment is the responsibility of the parent or individual.

  7. Students must not be in unmonitored or off-limit spaces of the buildings at any time. Students are to be in the hallways only if going to class or the restroom.

  8. Students may not use electronic devices in the classroom. If students violate this policy, then devices will be confiscated for the remainder of class. Families are responsible for content viewed and shared on personal electronics in public spaces.

  9. Running and playing ball in the undercroft is not permitted.

  10. Parents are responsible for and accept all liability for the safety of their children inside and outside.

  11. A nursery is available for the use of children kindergarten age and younger, but the nursery is not staffed by the co-op for childcare. A parent or parent-appointed adult must remain with the child.  Our Volunteers are not permitted to watch children other than those of the Instructors. Please do not ask our Volunteers to watch your children.


To maintain a pure, respectful atmosphere, we require modesty in dress.

This dress code applies to ALL Adults, Students, and Children on campus.

  • Undergarments must not be visible.

  • Acceptable pants should be loose and could include jeans, khakis, loose track pants. Please - No form fitting pants. Leggings, yoga pants, and pajama bottoms are not acceptable.

  • Shirts must always be worn.  Shirt straps must be a minimum of 2 inches wide.  Midriffs/Torsos must be covered at all times, even while bending or stretching. Cleavage must be covered.

  • Shorts may not be more than 4 inches from the top of the knee cap.

  • Skirts and dresses must touch the top of the knee cap (slits included). If you are wearing leggings, skirts and dresses may be 4 inches from the top of the knee cap.

All final decisions regarding the appropriateness of clothing will be made by the DMHC Board.

PARENTS, Please do NOT approach a student if you feel that their attire is in violation of the dress code. Please privately notify a board member.

INSTRUCTORS, if you have a student whose clothing does not meet the dress code, please ask them to report to the door monitor who will contact a board member.


  • FIRST OCCURRENCE - The student will be asked to cover up or leave class. If they do not have anything to cover up with, there will be a suitable cover up near the front door monitor, or they may choose to sit with the door monitor until a parent arrives to take them home to change. In either case, the parents will be notified.

  • SECOND OCCURRENCE - The parents will be notified. The student will be sent home or will sit with the door monitor until a parent arrives to take them home for the remainder of the class day.

  • THIRD OCCURRENCE - The student will be asked to permanently leave DMHC without refund.


Everyone is expected to be respectful with their words and actions. This applies both in and outside the classroom. The Board reserves the right to ask anyone to leave for any reason.

  • PreK - 8th grade, disruptive or disrespectful students will be asked to leave class and stay the remaining period with their on-site parent.  Instructors reserve the right to remove a student permanently, without refund, if misbehavior is unresolved.

  • 9th - 12th grades, the parents of disruptive or disrespectful students will be notified that if the behavior does not cease immediately, the student will be asked to leave the class permanently, without a refund.

For any misbehavior that occurs on campus outside the classroom, these are the following consequences:

  • FIRST OCCURRENCE - The parents will be notified.

  • SECOND OCCURRENCE - The Board will meet with the parents.

  • THIRD OCCURRENCE - The student may be asked to permanently leave DMHC without refund.