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Prospective Members


Is there a required minimum of classes I need to register for in order to participate with SVLA?


You are welcome to register for all four block classes or as few as one block class; the number of classes is up to you. You register only for what will serve your family. 


Do parents need to stay with their children for any SVLA classes?


All of our classes for scholars ages 12+ at this time are a drop off situation. Parents are always welcome to stay at the building during class times or attend classes with mentor approval. Parents are welcome to drop in to classes at any time. We always need more volunteers, and we do need parents to help in the study hall, set up in the morning, and clean up in the afternoon.


When can I apply for membership in SVLA?  When are class registrations open?


When can I apply for membership in SVLA?

You can begin your family membership application process at any time, though spring time is when we typically accept new members for the coming fall. Start by applying for membership on our website by filling out the "SVLA Interest Form" under the "Interested In Joining?" tab near the top of the homepage. We will contact you after we receive your interest form.  We recommend you apply for the coming academic fall sometime between March through April so your membership application process will be finished in time for class registrations in May.  There is no set close date for membership applications as we close membership when we are full, which may vary each year.


When are class registrations open?

Dates for class registrations vary a bit each year.  Registration for classes opens in the spring:

  • Current Members - typically between the middle to end of May
  • New Members - typically around the third week of May to the first week in June

Class registration typically closes for the coming school year around July 1st.  Make sure you register for your classes before the closing date.