Parent Association of Christian Educators

Code of Conduct

PACE Code of Conduct

1. Member families will strive to act in such a way that their words and actions promote unity and encouragement. Members will strive to show respect for one another, for the co-op, and for the larger PACE group.

2. Members will avoid acting in a way that is considered disrespectful, immoral, offensive, intimidating, belittling, or rude.

3. Members will not use threatening, harassing, or obscene language.

4. Members will not make any threatening or offensive physical contact with another member, including biting, shoving, grabbing, hitting, and the like.

5. Members will avoid gossiping.

6. During group functions, members will strive to present a responsible, moral, and positive image to those outside our organization.

7. Members should be respectful of tour guides, speakers, etc. Be attentive and quiet during presentations and outings. Follow the specific rules of the event regarding attire, lining up, exiting, etc. Respect restrictions placed on our group by the sponsoring facility regarding the age of children, staying in designated areas, handling objects or equipment, etc.

8. Member families will be responsible for their own children's behavior, language, and manners at co-op classes, meetings, field trips, and other sponsored activities.

9. Any members of this organization that persist in violating this code of conduct will no longer be considered members in good standing.