Parent Association of Christian Educators

Dress Code

PACE Dress Code

1. Shorts and short skirts/dresses worn with shorts underneath must be at least fingertip length. (Standing with arms straight down at your sides, if your fingertips touch your bare legs, what you are wearing is too short.)

2. The following will not be allowed: tank tops which allow bra straps to show; tube tops; tops or low-rise pants/shorts that allow the midriff to be seen; see-through or skin-tight clothing; clothing that shows cleavage; clothing with offensive pictures or slogans; or shorts, skirts, or pants with any kind of writing across the rear.

3. No parts of underwear may be showing at any time.

4. To honor our more conservative members, at co-ed water events, swimwear for girls and women should be a one-piece suit or tankini. For boys and men, swim trunks.

5. Anyone violating this dress code may be asked to leave the event.

6. Any member of this organization that persists in violating this dress code will no longer be considered a member in good standing.